Gay Men Explain Tampons

Gay Men Explain Tampons
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  1. Aoife Sullivan says

    im suprised that so many people havent heard of a diva cup in this comment section

  2. Waffle Demon Overlord says

    A tampon is literally a tampon. You stick it in and it stops the stuff from coming out. It's as simple as that.

  3. Melia Manning says

    "I would stick this on my vagina" does he not know that that is like putting that In your hair?

  4. emilie mellen says

    Am I the only one who finds this degrading to like women and men and lgbtq+

  5. Sienna Angus says

    I’m literally dying

  6. Addyson Lastname says

    One time the wings of my stuck to my skin, and oh did it huuuuurrrrrttt.

  7. Hannah Singh says


  8. TheLocaChica05 says

    This is my favorite video on the internet. So funny, so pure

  9. wolves arethebest says

    no. No.NO.NOOOOOOO!

  10. Caydee Jo says

    Imagine putting a pad on upside down 😬 sticking to hairs then pulling it off 😭 I hurt just thinking about it

  11. shady Lnu says

    funny, but not as funny as the irish guys explaining period products

  12. loveme1st yes says

    The only guy that knew what was going on is the one in the FDNY sweatshirt. A green way to deal with your period😂

  13. HinataPlusle says

    Straight men would do no better, trust me.

  14. raging homosexual says

    "This is probably what Marie Antoinette used"


  15. Alex C says

    My best friend is gay and I am a lesbian when I am on my period he says 'God I am so glad I am gay' once he said that he was eating a chocolate bar so I stole it from him 'You gay men would not be alive if it wasn't for women and they period so shut up' He just rolled his eyes

  16. Nuri Sakina Suharto says

    Is that adam ellis? I love him!

  17. Nelle Feliciano says

    “It comes out of this area” motions to whole diagram

  18. TJ Barnhart says

    i like how these men weren't all that disgusted with the concept or the objects, they just did not know how to use them

  19. Sophia Marie says

    “i wish i could put my penis into a cup”
    we don’t put our vagina in the cup, we put the cup in our vagina

  20. Ryan Smith says

    Im pretty sure gay people would know more than straigt people because Im gay and some of my friends who are girls tell me about it all the time 😂

  21. moctesalaiza says

    The guy with the FDNY hoodie is really cute.

  22. tobi says


  23. phenomeniall says

    1:34 THAT MAN IS CRAZY!!! WHY?! Why would you put the adhesive there? It HURTS. Oh, Sooooooo many things he doesn't know about females… 🙄

  24. Pisty Spears says

    Being gay doesn't mean be stupid. C'mon!! the napkin the stiky part is on the freaking panties!!

  25. E says

    AFAB and don't understand 2 of 3

  26. On the move says

    Tampons are the greatest thing ever invented.

  27. Sofia Ström says

    STICKY SIDE UP?? The pain when it rips off literally all your pubes. On the plus side, very cheap waxing.

  28. amelia kitty says

    I still don't know which way the pad is supposed to go, that's why I use tampons. Simple to use.

  29. scarymary66 says

    A Tampad? lmao

  30. JJ Leigh says

    sticky side up made me cringe and scream in horror

  31. Jose Sparky says

    1:12 The guy that didn't know which way to turn it😂😂😂same bro same

  32. karis s says

    This is a Tam..pad?

  33. Aya A says

    I'm too scared to use tampons or diva cups CUZ they might stretch my vagina

  34. mfbcoffee says

    Why gay guys explaining period things? The assumption that gay guys and straight guys have different period knowledge baffles me.

  35. Ivy m says

    "this thing goes into your r…..vagina" I just know he was going to say rectum lmfao

  36. tammy rodrigue says

    Good job! gay men explained more accurately than hetero guys!

  37. Adrian Vazquez says

    He was going to say Rectum omg lol.

  38. M&M Person says

    I'm watching this at 2:41 a.m and I bled through my sheets and so I put an old blanket were the stain was and now I'm laying down on that blanket

  39. samuel tambunan says

    OMG that is Adam Ellis

  40. Rio Cc says

    The last guy is smart

  41. Ghazal M says

    "so u dont keep the purple part😂"

  42. dubbydubbyQUACKE says

    lol that moment when you're a ftm gay guy who actually uses the products

  43. Shay El says

    im scared of the cups , it just is a question of how am i supposed to get that out and in

  44. Shatter says

    Nobody knows which part of the pad is the top or bottom. Mystery of the pad XD

  45. emily parks says

    I'm 12 ( got my period at 11) I've used pads the whole way except for once I used a tampon to swim.

  46. Sarah Yasser says

    What's a Diva Cup? hahah lol idk

  47. "oh!…ooooh!…I still don't understand what it's doing…"

  48. BirdIztheWord says

    Absolutely HILAARRIIOOUUSSS!! lmao

  49. Denial Number 4 says

    Shouldn't they have at least touched base on this in health class at least

  50. tinyamay says

    Omg itś sooo cute to see how they get excited about every fact they know.

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