Germophobe Struggles In 76 Seconds

Germophobe Struggles In 76 Seconds
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  1. Lyric says

    Is it just me or do I just feel like at school evEry thing is dirty. Like I can’t even wipe my hands with the brown paper towels, I can’t help it

  2. peeping ukulele says

    Uh…check, check, check. 😬

  3. Yuvraj Asht says

    Thats why I never use a public bathroom

  4. Jazzys World says

    I was at the airport once using the bathroom then this girl is like can you hold the door I said ok then she said go to another stall and get toilet paper I was like ok so I did she wiped then she said turn the water onto extra hot so I did and turned it off then she said give me paper towels then I had to clean the floor with a lot of her sanitizer so she could sit down guess what else I had to do clean her shoes cause they had so much germs 🦠 sooooo yea….

  5. Elizabeth Mgbejume says

    Omg the garbage one is so true, along with the the sharing food / drinks. THAT GETS ME MADDD BROO!

  6. Lexus Fox says

    0:45 is literally the worst, and I’m also like “You can have it, I’ll get another one.”

    Why do people share stuff that indirectly exchange bodily fluids? Like, why!?

  7. Theodosius Anderson says

    No offence but i HATE germaphobic people, and they hate me back

  8. ø Eman Hafeez ø says

    Someone sneezed on my hand today. Long story short, I went crazy and washed my hands and sanitized them about 8 times

  9. Spik e says


  10. Gabby & Erin says

    Sneezing/coughing is the thing I hate the MOST!!! I really start freaking out

  11. shook tea says

    Honestly true

  12. Isobel Oliver says

    I flush the toilet, but after I wash my hands HARD.

  13. iseeflowers says

    I think some of those actions are pretty normal. I would not want to shake hand with anyone who just sneezed into their hands.

  14. Connie Connie says

    All of that is me!!!

  15. Elingtons 0_0 says

    And when I g to the toilet I always throw the first piece of toilet paper in the toilet then use the rest coz u don't know where its been

  16. Blake Shadow says

    Heyy that's me!

  17. Grace says

    Omg haha

  18. Cherie Carpenter says

    This is so me! 😂😂😬🤪

  19. steph chavarria says

    I became a germaphobe at the beginning of 2018. It all started because of a 'dog'. My dad got a dog and I couldn't even touch him. He then later got on our couches and our car seats. I didn't even sit on the couch or the car seats. It became so bad that if I sat down on the car seats or couch I would have a meltdown. If I touched anything that my family touch I would wash my hands everytime. I washed my hands so much that my hands turned red, it burned and had blisters. By mid year I got a little better I sat down on the couch only at night then I went to go take a shower, I didn' t wash my hands after I touched something sometimes, I took showers everyday but now I don't sometimes, I cared less about everything because I realized that life isn't about having a meltdown at everything you touch or do, it's about living and enjoying life. I didn't talk to my parents about it. I handled it on my own!! 😊😊

  20. Montanxa says

    The using your foot to open things is not really accurate . I have been suffering from ocd for a year now especially with germs. Using her foot to open things like the trash can be hard because later on when you want to take off your shoes you’ll remember that you used it to open the trash and that you just got it on your hands then you end up washing your hands 5 times. It can be a real hassle. This is mainly based on stereotypes about being a germaphobe but no body wants the real thing

  21. Beir says

    This explains it all too well! I hate when people cough or sneeze and I do that one vampire cape escape tactic! 😂

  22. Asteria says

    The toilet seat cover thing is 100% me. I do that all the time.

  23. UwU Soup says

    Most of the time I open doors with my feet because I can't stand touching it. Especially since my sister sometimes doesn't wash her hands and touched the door handle. And I always use my feet to pick up trash. Then I either wash my feet in the bathtub or i take a shower. (¯―¯٥)

  24. Bxthjxde x says

    Literally me 😂

  25. Justin Y. says

    I'm a germophobe. Here are the things that terrify me most:

    Saliva, pools, bathrooms, keeping my toothbrush in the bathroom, my siblings' beds, baby hands, school busses, city busses, laundromats, other peoples' cell phones and small devices, and dish water.

  26. Orion time says

    This is so relatable

  27. Cracks by me says

    Omg This describes my life

  28. Inissha Mulla says

    I'm one of the two people in my friends that is a big germophobe

  29. Angela Christy says

    The first few were kind of stupid, but the rest were so true

  30. Tracer says

    now I know who put tissues in the toilet

  31. Zanadora says

    I’ve actually learned to do a lot of things with my feet.

  32. Freyza Mynamejeff Phuck says

    Im a germophobe and have OCD. I understand this completely.

  33. Kyna Celebria says

    Ik I'm saying this late. I get it but your wasting so much toliet paper and toliet covers they affect the Earth drastically try to help preserve the Earth. I hate germs and sharing food it's just that I want to help save Earth plz no hate. Just use as much to cover the toliet and not to layer it 3 times.

  34. DarkestAngel says


  35. Julia Enriquez says

    I only have one germ problem I dint like sharing drinks 🥤

  36. Drake_Red says

    That's like, litteraly me.

  37. BunnyMellow Gaming says

    She took it way to far..

  38. RM? I only know Rap Monster says

    Oh my God, i always thought that I'm a weirdo because I do all of these 😂😂😂 Good to now I'm not the only one 😂

  39. hello there msp says

    everyone relates. im here like
    i havent watched my hands since yesterday morning and i ate at mcdonalds.

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