Get Ready With Me || Valentines Day

Get Ready With Me || Valentines Day
Hey lovelies! I decided to share my semi dramatic Valentines day makeup and Outfit with you! hope you enjoy it! Happy Valentines Day! -Roxi Links: Instagram: …

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  1. Mariasita says

    you remind me of britt robinson. your personality look like her😘😘😘

  2. The Night Time Crazies says

    u are super gorgeous

  3. Gharam. Malak says


  4. panta-rhei says

    patrzac na tlo outfitu myslalam ze ogladam juszes!:-D

  5. Terrícola says

    My favorite <3

  6. Chloe Piffer says

    you soooo pretty

  7. alien.sauvage says

    you are so pretty omg everything your hands nails body hair face everything you are perfect i wish i was that pretty

  8. Annalena Moser says

    Can you do a tumblr inspired make up? 🙈 i love your style, it's perfection

  9. Kay says


  10. Mariya Tkacheva says

    Very cool chanel

  11. Sahiry Moreno says

    I had never seen some one look this pretty before

  12. Dulce V Monroy says

    Amazingly beautiful! 😘😍😍😍

  13. Angelinexxo says

    Please make a music playlist 😀

  14. Amelia FerreiraDias says

    Hey, first, I really like your videos! And second, what song was this? (:

  15. Parts of my soul says

    One of my new favorites

  16. Gabby Harper says


  17. TaSharri'El Sheree says

    You are gorgeous!!😍😍you belong on the cover of Vogue!! Seriously!!!

  18. Connie Jones says

    Your actually the most beautiful person I think I've ever seen inside and out 💕💕

  19. Maddie Lenny says

    Are you able to link the dress please? Lush video as always😘

  20. You 11:11 says


  21. ava mason says

    Can you do a tutorial on what you would have your makeup like on your birthday

  22. eve ! says

    Can i just say that your honestly riduclously naturally stunning dazzling beautiful ..
    P.s. love the eyeliner kid x

  23. MiaWong says

    prettiest girl in the world <3

  24. Anna K says

    Where are the rings from?

  25. Anna K says

    Your eyes are so gorgeous! 

  26. Marta G says

    YOU ARE STUNNING omg you don't understand

  27. lyssasbeauty06 says


  28. Julia says

    I'm defiantly going to try this, and thank you for making me absolutely obsessed with this song, I found it and now I've listened to it about a trillion times

  29. Annabel Lee says

    You are SO beautiful💕 amazing video✌

  30. micaela says

    Well I'd like to be you, basically

  31. Lauren Savage says

    Such a gorgeous eye make up look ❤️

  32. Juliana Porto says

    I want so bad to be pretty like you :/ you are GORGEOUS!

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