Giant Grilled Cheese Platter For Hosting • Tasty

Giant Grilled Cheese Platter For Hosting • Tasty
Fill your guests with nostalgia and childlike whimsy with this giant grilled cheese platter! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to …

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  1. Mohammad Shakeel says

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  2. Aeni Ka Kitchen says

    Who came up with this and how do they know me so well??

  3. Cooking Time says

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  4. MNM says

    how watches these becuz of that hunger

  5. Anthony Sarangilo says

    Please post more videos of alvin and inga

  6. ninja raid says

    There is a thing called bread

  7. Nightcore lover says

    Hosting? What's that

  8. CHEF says

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  9. James Winslow says


  10. just_me2468 just_me2468 says

    when you just started being vegan and this shows up on your recommendations..

  11. T Burke says

    I’m so sick of seeing these giant gimmicky foods! What makes a grilled cheese sandwich so perfect and salivating is crispy golden edges, with crunchy fried cheese dripping out. This is an absolute culinary travesty.

  12. Michael Irazori says

    I will literally eat 2/3 of that whole platter.

  13. Hiacue Xiong says

    You should make a giant cookie or make a giant Mac n Cheese

  14. Jessica De La Cruz Bravo says

    Why you gotta ruin it with American cheese? 🤮

  15. rc3 says

    Make a big ass hot dog

  16. Frost PG3D Modz says

    Tasty try mine: Cookie dough ice cream

  17. They forgot the most important step.
    Cut into triangles. We all know grilled cheese tastes better cut in triangles.

  18. Rascal Boy 45 says

    Do you ever wonder who's the one who says "oh yes" in the end😂😂😂

  19. NBMB TWIN says

    Where’s Alvin

  20. Porchea Miranda says

    The thumbnail looked like toasted ravioli

  21. Slytherin Reviews says

    all jewelry is to be removed before touching any food that you making

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  23. I Am Thyda Cooking says

    I will make it soon

  24. I Am Thyda Cooking says

    Wow it’s really a wonderful cake

  25. Erika Tocalini says

    Hola tasty me tenes que mandar comida!

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