Giant Raindrop Cake

Giant Raindrop Cake
Watch this classic Japanese dessert get a size upgrade! Can get enough? See how this video was made with Behind Tasty!

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  1. Maryam Nazir says

    Unappealing but interesting lol

  2. Isabella Holley says

    When the behind the scenes has more 11 million views and this has 800k………….

  3. Spyrofury767 says

    This is just jello with extra steps.

  4. waht . - . says

    I am not suprised that water is now a desert

  5. Shabnam Zameer says

    I am here from the bts 😆

  6. Doesn't Exist says

    How does it taste?

  7. Azriel Aidid says

    Looks like a big ass pile of sperm

  8. Sentient Salt Shaker says

    i like how the behind the scenes video is more popular

  9. Chad Miles says

    Who else thinks this is awesome if you could do it?

  10. Salma Mohammed says

    Honestly it isn't exactly a cake it's almost like a transparent and slightly cloudy round jello

  11. Jeyshree JK says

    I like how the behind the scenes has more views than the actual video 😂😂

  12. -Lamees Lasheen- says

    If you only watched the behind the scenes of this 😂😂

  13. crazy cat says

    i am just watching this thinking of how long it took her to get to that point

  14. Celina Potato says

    I just watched the behind tasty and it's not. This easy

  15. Romilo Arabowsko says

    Eeew it's just sugar and water it must taste awful

  16. Dora The Explorer says

    1:42 video took 10 attempts and 5 days.

  17. Hyūga Doggos says

    When you're too broke to buy a cake

  18. Pramod Kumar says

    If you see the boiling water carefully you can see the camera up there

  19. Ornito Ringo says

    @everybody shitting od rain drop cakes: bold of you to assume my superior monkey brain doesn’t see something that’s jello in texture and clear and doesn’t immediately want to consume it.
    You will become compost in my new world.

  20. Rose Petals says

    I remember Alix's stuggle here…

  21. Renalyn Gardose says

    Imagine how Alix worked hard for this

  22. KeiSpotYt Loli says

    Alix had lot of work on this uwu

  23. Scuffed says

    This was uploaded on ma birth day

  24. Premkanthsha Sha says

    Who know who made this

  25. Beatrice Amoah says

    Hi Alix

  26. zaina says

    how alex got exited when she flipped it

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