Giant Spaghetti-Stuffed Meatball

Giant Spaghetti-Stuffed Meatball
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  1. Victoria Zavala says

    I would definitely try this

  2. ACstudios says

    i love this food

  3. Mike D says

    Whoa! That's crazy! I love new alternative cooking.

  4. Emillio Colby says

    Olive garden would like to Know your location

  5. Old Man Mcduple says

    When you listen to Redbone:

  6. Jared Budler says

    Happy April Fools Everyone!!!

  7. Sabrina Rosenbusch says

    i made this its actually really easy and delicious

  8. David Cobb says

    I will have to do this for sure, thanks for this crazy idea.

  9. Allan Zhao says

    Next up: Giant Meatball-Stuffed Spaghetti

  10. Idc says

    Did y’all steal this music from an urban outfitters commercial

  11. Jonas Schmidt says

    #DMAX Whatsapp Newsletter

  12. Asma Asad says

    i love hannah

  13. aslı aa says

    dadı gian

  14. ava says

    My mom made this it was DELICIOUS!!!

  15. Oh YeahYeah says

    This idea was stolen

  16. Indigo What'sHerFace says

    This looks amazinv im making this

  17. MrItaliano1900 says

    Hello I'm Italian, spaghetti and meatballs in Italy does not exist and never existed and never any Italian would eat that crap. This is a recipe invented by the Americans, perhaps mistakenly and thinking it was Italian. It is a recent recipe from the 1920s, if you calculate that our recipes are hundreds of years old, or thousands. The only recipe that combines meat with pasta are spaghetti alla bolognese, (meat is minced), lasagna, ravioli with meat. Meatballs in Italy exist, but they are eaten absolutely separately from spaghetti, it is another dish. Also spaghetti Alfredo in Italy do not exist., another american shit.

  18. Raul Gaming says

    I like my own comment because no one will

  19. Fahad Al-Thani says

    It’s Hannah 😀

  20. Whitehead says

    In soviet russia,

  21. Hanif Al-Hadi says

    I think if you eat this you will explode because you're very full……

  22. krystelle says

    making this in 10 minutes. ill just replace spaghetti with macaroni.

  23. Lucas says


  24. L Jib says

    Yummy 🤤

  25. Dani Pinto Esc says

    This is so disgusting… Who could eat that??… These people doesn't even know how to cook.

  26. Shy Sunny says

    You could do this with salmon (as the meatball) and rice inside like inverted sushi or something

  27. Princesskimikko Viado says

    i know who own this recipe or who made it its hannah who make and idea this

  28. Michal Kirsh says

    Idea by hellthyjunkfood.

  29. Dave Nencarnacion says


  30. chlocat42 says

    Tasty copied HellthyJunkFood. Anyone else notice that?

  31. Flaming Ice says

    Totally copied from HellthyJunkFood (ideas-wise) because they made that months before this.

  32. Joshua Walker Walker says

    looks delicious

  33. Ankita Pandey says

    Is there a vegetarian substitute to meat? I really want to make this. Help!

  34. Purple Potatoes says

    So you were the ones who toucha his spahget

  35. Ayy Lmao says


  36. Quita Diggs says

    It looked really good before cutting into it

  37. happy5808 says

    The thumbnail looks like worms from underground, and some grass growing on the top layer

  38. アンダーソンタラ says

    does anyone remember that episode of shake it up where the girls had to eat that giant meat ball to win a free dinner? this reminded me of that

  39. I fell like i have seen this before…..

  40. Pk Omelettes says

    Me:Yo papayrus Look at this
    Papyrus: i'll make this today nyeh!

  41. Lytatroan says

    Why so you always use garlic and onion powder

  42. Uchrosie says

    I made this for dinner and it turned out so good (my brother helped me tho)😬😂😅😊😊

  43. Gail Pereira says

    Hannah made this !

  44. claire! says

    Yep, I want meatballs now

  45. Bob Bobs says

    Stay right there, I’m calling the police

  46. Fatrisha Nazarudin says

    Just watching makes me happy

  47. Jordan Lawrence says

    Oh this looks so I'm definitely going to try this delicious looking recipe!!

  48. Itz_LeoYT says

    Well someone finally made that old nursery rhyme of this song

    On top of spaghetti
    Full of meatballs and cheese

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