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  1. Michelle Burger says

    invention of the year: azzylands waffle/Nutella sandwich

  2. prepare for panda says

    I have a waffle sandwich with waffles and ice cream.

  3. Felicity Adams says


  4. Hope_swing says

    At time stop 8:08 those are not candy you pull that string and xonfedy comes out 😂😂😂 I'm dead

  5. Amber Valencia says

    One of the second grade teachers did the brown es prank on her class for April fools prank

  6. Caitlin Smith says

    Azzy: I use scissors to cut pizza
    Me: I use a pizza cutter

    No hate luv u azzy

  7. Emily Christie478 says

    The “candy” is party poppers

  8. amir hafizi says

    0.24 yhe gwandpa is sooo cute!

  9. Veda Pitt says

    7:22 photo of fossil

  10. Veda Pitt says

    I own those pens….

  11. Nirupama Kanda says

    That was a party popper not candy

  12. Blue Belonging says

    This is how many times Azzy has said nootella instead of Nutella get it right Assy


  13. Blue Belonging says

    Nutella not nootella get it right

  14. Zoey Neal says

    The teacher text one would make no sense unless they where both teachers

  15. Fiona Udell says

    Azzy-Idk what kind of candy dis is but I want it
    Me-thay are party popers

  16. XxlovleydayxX says

    Azzy that candy is a confetti popper if you eat it you’ll probably die

  17. Benedikte Henriksen says

    8:09 The little bottles on the plate isn't candy….they shoot confetti if you pull the string at the top

  18. Savannah King says

    That is not candy it is a party poper🎉

  19. big die says

    Those are not candies those are party poppers

  20. lets talk says

    At 8:42 azzy has a orgasmi

  21. Lillian Gallagher says

    Azzy: idk what type of candy that is but I need it
    Me: wont it like explode confetti in your mouth?

  22. Nic Bayley says

    The candy is a part popper you pull the string and confertie comes out

  23. B Bux says

    That was confetti poppers not candy

  24. Luna Eruption says

    On the Mother’s Day breakfast in bed That’s not candy it’s a party popper it’s something for party’s not edible

  25. Sophi Clawes says

    We don't need to put a love potion on you because we love you soooooooooo much!!!!!!

  26. Rebeca Novoa says

    I’m literally eating Oreo’s right now

  27. Destiny Sanchez says

    One like = one love potion for Azzy

  28. Rory Keoghan says

    Its not candy its party poppers

  29. Julie Kahn says

    the “candy” on the half eaten cheese an crosoent is actually confetti

  30. Gatcha_girly says

    I'm scared now

  31. lucy Jenkins says

    Those are not candy! They are party poppers. 😂

  32. Daisy Robertson says

    The min before u said nutella I got some

  33. Greg Beitling says

    AZZY I want to put a love Olson on u😉🙏👩🙆

  34. Dynamo says

    1:34 it cute but he said babe sitter 😂

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