Girl is OBSESSED with eating SAND

Girl is OBSESSED with eating SAND
Girl is OBSESSED with eating SAND SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. jose dionicio says

    This is sand girl

  2. jose dionicio says

    Eating sand is like eating dirt

  3. Ramdon Izer says

    Dah thumb nail! Oof




  5. Gacha Rainbow says

    Azzy: Hug a person you love!

    Me: Hugs Myself :3

  6. Bailey Atcheson says

    I’m. Addicted to fluff

  7. Sabrina Jhugg says

    Go eat a shell (sand made out of shells)

  8. AudreyAtlee Boudreaux says

    How do you accidentally put a mouthful of sand in your mouth

    A mouthful

  9. Desiree Clark says

    i feel bad for her teeth and throat

  10. Siobhan Kent says

    I think im the only one who huged my mom
    It feels nice to love💝💞💓💗💖💘💕

  11. Jackie Alaverdyan says

    I hugged my dolls

  12. kim thompson says

    I am the most kind

  13. Norris Nuts Fan says

    uh, sand is dried fish poo

  14. Emmah Newcomb says

    I was addicted to eating worms when I was younger 😂😂😂

  15. Gacha Jasper says

    The girl should get Rocksalt😐
    Not sand because Rocksalt is more safer than sand.

  16. Anna V says

    I think popping candy is better than sand it tastes better even tho it is unhealthy and plus it doesn’t have germs

  17. shelby's vlog fun vlog says

    Same dat food is being waisted whyyyy


  18. Luz hahaha hohoho says

    I feel bad for mark

  19. Mr. Pie says

    1:45 that makes my mouth dry

  20. The Red Master says

    When I was like two or three or something I used to eat sand accidentally it was weird and I still remember it to this day It was weird

  21. sketchy says

    Mom:*runs out of ideas for food
    Mom:what do you kids want for food?
    Siblings:PIZZA AND CHIPS!
    Mum: excuse me what?
    Her:I want sand!
    Mum:*calls therapist and cops*
    Hours later she gets sent to an insane asylum for the next 20 years

  22. Saloua Cisneros says

    But it’s true you just want likes.

  23. Saloua Cisneros says

    Fiona tan I hate you soo rude.

  24. piper batcheller says

    I’m addicted to water 🤗🤗

  25. Cassie Faanes says

    My brother died so who do hug at the end of the video

  26. Vineet Taneja says

    She’s eating ground up glass with dirt

    Delicious. Just Delicious.

  27. Itz Mochi :3 says

    Her: OBSESSED with eating sand.

    Me: OBSESSED with eating Chicken nuggets :3

  28. Emily Duarte says

    Who likes Azzy???
    like = yes
    comment = no

  29. Gaming With Prayer says

    I never knew sand was crunchy…

    BeCaUsE I DoNt EaT sAnD!!!!😕

  30. Ailey Miller says

    I eat sand I love it

  31. Dwight jr Brice says

    It's not funny

  32. Tee Frierson says

    I am cringingAnd I was watching why I was eating I almost threw up

  33. Raelynn Gautreau says

    I'm obsessed with bats I want a pet bat (don't judge please)

  34. alpha team says

    azzy i like ur make up but this is me=makeup noooooo

  35. Amber Gomez says

    1 like = one year for her to have teeth

  36. zaina omar says

    I won't give my brother a hug ur so weird….. twinsys

  37. Depressed_ Foxi says

    Im obsessed with…


  38. Cheryl Belo says

    It says only girl but i saw a boy.?

  39. debbie nayar says


  40. Dũng Đỗ Tiến says

    Think of how many people step on sand

  41. Skylar_ btsjin says

    I'm obsessed drinking people blood and my blood is very DELICIOUS IS SO SWEET

  42. llamb :3 says

    Chips and sand are ok

  43. Lily says

    “Or like pahhsta”
    -azzy 2019

  44. Bamaboy6894 says

    how has she not lost half here teeth?!

  45. SomeoneTrashy says

    I like my chips with sea water.

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