Girlfriends Dress Their Boyfriends • Ship It

Girlfriends Dress Their Boyfriends • Ship It
White blazer, skinny jeans, all the things he doesn’t like.” Check Out BuzzFeed On SnapChat Discover! Check out more awesome …

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  1. Great Ngugi says

    Whose watching while single😕

  2. Mahnoor -UL- Rehman says

    Whose here after Tyler and Safiya's wedding 💜💍💜

  3. LaBrittany Amu Thomas says

    rubs hands together like a pervert, bouncing up and down eyeing you "…this is real nice…" 3:01

  4. Doctor LT says

    is ned pregnant ? , well he just got married

  5. Abhusha says


  6. Emily Woodie says

    Autumn is adorable

  7. Tripleshot Majestyy says

    Alaaddins magic lamb are work😂😂

  8. francesca harris says

    My bookie already dresses the exact way I like 😩😍

  9. levente szeifert says

    So now we know how anime fan girls will be when they grow up

  10. Magic Mike says

    is that Ned phagit married to a man?

  11. Randy Solomons says

    I'm single… Yeah idk why I said that but I'm okay

  12. your local hufflepuff says


  13. Lady Rafela says

    Why does the third girlfriend have a more genuine reaction than the other two?

    GF #1: *weak enthusiasm w/smile * yeaaahhh…

    GF #2: smiles oh yeah..

    GF #3: smiles, hugs her personified Aladdin, then rubs hands together like an evil genius 😈

  14. Turtle says

    the black guy looks more like the genie not alaa aldin himself lol

  15. George vavolil says

    Tyler is a young chubby Ryan Reynolds 😀

  16. Daily Madness says

    He looks like Courtois

  17. Ara Navea says

    They said aladdin, but they dress him as the genie ¿¿¿:DDD???

  18. Ciara s says

    I feel like Ned’s dream as a child was to get married😂 theyre so cute though🧡

  19. Ciara s says

    I’m confused why the guys covered their eyes cus didn’t they put it on

  20. Jonathan Wat says


  21. Nick van Betuw says

    3:06 "Feel like we should be driving down the Amalfi Coast" 😍🇮🇹

    That's my girl (well, she isn't, but that's what she needs to say)

  22. Brenda F. says

    The Aladin look killed it

  23. Thor God of Thunder says

    Lindsay Albanese her last name is like how Italians Call albanians in italian

  24. Jm Vil says

    1:31 stylist has dirty fingernails

  25. Olwydd says

    0:49 Shiny forehead. 🚨

    E: Also did Buzzfeed finally go under? I hope so…

  26. Victoria Albastra says

    What's with the Aladin outfit? First :cultural appropriation by your own rules and secondly : that's how you want your man to go out on the street???

  27. coxon culture says


  28. Christine Descalzo says

    2:52 that’s when I try to sing lol

  29. user 258 says

    When she said she want him in Aladin am pretty sure she didn't mean a Halloween costume

  30. Lyndsie Makena Official says

    Pretty sure his voicemail is

    "HI you've reached Ned, and I'm married!"

  31. Cjjj says

    I'm a simple gal, I see Andy samberg on the thumbnail I click.

  32. SOZA says

    Name: Ned
    Last name: AndImMarried

  33. giorgio ciaravolol says

    The italian style that you mention is from the first years of the '900. Stop. Just stop. We don't wear those things anymore, we have a new style every 5 years. You uncultured judgmental people.

  34. Victoria Wolf says

    the guy thats dressed like james bond, marry me now. he hecka fine

  35. Maylin Majewski says

    1:18 I'm pretty sure Tarzan wears a little less clothing than Aladdin

  36. Megan Pedersen says

    For some reason my dad always jokes he's fat and then he says he's my bff and to him that means big fat father

  37. Kenny K says

    lol… 'take me on a magic carpet ride'….. well okay. 😂

  38. Madrenna Griffith says

    And Tarzan is the HOTTEST

  39. Madrenna Griffith says

    So you want your boyfriend to wear a Disney COSTUME on your date?!
    So just you and Aladdin hanging out at the Cheesecake Factory…

  40. Dom Shaheen says

    Aurora – thank you!! You made me very happy! 😉

  41. Greg Greg says

    Hi Im NeD aNd Im mArRiEd

  42. Munimul Borno says

    In this case,
    Aladin the legit muthafucka 😂😂

  43. Richard says

    guys all improved the GF's looks, i thought none of the girls managed that.

  44. rehan khurana says

    Aurora 's voice 😍

  45. MOTTO motto says

    So basically all she wanted was no shirt

  46. Valar Dohaeris says

    That Aladdin outfit was the worst honestly, no offence

  47. Valar Dohaeris says

    Is Safiya's boyfriend Tyler Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars??

  48. PongoXBongo says

    Don't know about Tyler's look. Kinda like a middle-aged Marky Mark trying to look young and hip. Like a biker dad. Not the best use of a leather jacket, lol.

  49. kerem ekrem says

    He was more like Alaaddin's gini.

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