Girls Describe A Boys' Night Out

Girls Describe A Boys' Night Out
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  1. Phinn the Sailor says


  2. maidenmetal787 says

    whats brunch?

  3. Murray River Adventures says

    In my imagination it's men in like a man cave or someone's garage sitting on couches and playing ping pong and beer pong talking and drinking beer and insulting and complimenting each other at the same time and complaining about the women in their lives and doing chin-ups then someone being made to chug something or they play the game with goon bag on the clothes line towards the end and then all of them crashing the night at who Evers house it is then waking up and making the most weirdest snacks

  4. Vape_Possum _578 says

    Go to the gas station and get way too much stuff

  5. Chuck Shirley says

    Answer #1: Yes, sometimes, especially when there is liquor involved. mostly talking about our girlfriends, or dirty jokes, or penis jokes. Usual dude things.
    Answer #2: In the morning we usually passed out on the couches. Then coffee, or more beer.
    Answer# 3: Couldn't hear the question exactly. But if you're mean talking about our penis? Yes we do, in a manly non-sexual way. We usually just joked who has the biggest and pity his girlfriend for that lol.

  6. johny lopez says


  7. Alex Kontogiorgos-Heintz says

    not brunch but deli/bagel shop + whatever beers are still the the fridge

  8. Danny Zen Show says

    When I go out with my boys, we take thirty to forty minutes to smell checks, armpits, scrotums, taints, anus, etc…then we carefully craft a fine platter of Norwegian cheeses and Vitamix it all with two or three bottles of fine Chianti, never past 2007. We throw up, then spend the next several hours beaming wildly into the mirror, radiating divine charisma until we start breathing in sync with each other and spank each other's asses.

    We then look into each other's eyes and say "Oh Gerald, you're such a flirt!" to put ourselves in the mindset that we are flirts and that the world will love us for it. We go out and high five every service industry worker we can find, brutally and with dominating force until they beg for mercy.

    Then we go into the club and drink ourselves into oblivion so that we can access what we like to call "Mystery Mode" in which the world is our oyster and everything is a surprise. In the morning we will have taken hours of footage and compiled it into a mini documentary on the lives of five high class jive-talkin' millennials with a penchant for rhythm and rhyme.

    If one of us has gone home with a lady, we sit in a circle and masturbate until the morning. If no one has gone home with a lady, we masturbate until the next evening and do it all over again.

  9. JUDD AHS says

    we drink more sleep is for the weak

  10. Cupcake Bear Studios says

    Foot ball? Um mini super bowl 😁

  11. Zalmast says

    My morning after includes checking my bank account, checking my car, checking my body is intact, hangover therapy, and last, but definitely not least, checking that I didn't drunk call or text anyone.

  12. Sean Lewis says

    we sleep in…….

  13. JUDD AHS says

    The next morning we either crack another beer or smoke lots of pot and then we go and eat, eat a lot

  14. fatalradius says

    Wait, wait….Guys disappear for one reason, meaning a nice lady let him hit it….Which also means that same chick's gone missing from her group of friends too.

  15. Zoozy G says

    Wow sucks to be a man

  16. Isaac Soto says

    the next morning hahah

  17. Isaac Soto says

    we usually go to dennys and get burgers XD

  18. KindaXP says

    Most of the time it's a food truck brunch. But yeah we have tried a real fancy brunch it was great.

  19. peegeetips says

    The blonde on the right reminds me of Claire off modern family

  20. Cheesemam The great says

    Thank you for using stereotypes and making assumptions about men. I am really glad this is socially acceptable. Who cares about sexism amirite? I mean their men? I love how if this was about girls there would be a bandwagon in the comment section about "equality"

  21. sweggatron the mighty says

    girls morning after – mamosas and brunch
    guys morning after- cold pizza and trying to find your shades

  22. jaybone23 says


  23. Fabulous says

    on a guys night out i …. HAHAHA i never go out #foreveralone #lonely

  24. SwayJJ says

    Guys believe that their adult friends are capible of looking after themselves like they are adults

    Girls don't believe their adult friends are capible of looking after themselves like they are adults

    Which results in no bigger drama in the world than when a female friend dissapears for an hour on a girls night. The reaction would not be dissimilar to if armageddon was taking place, while Freddie Kruger was out hunting the group down.

  25. alexkg1 says

    We do not get brunch. Unless we happened to have all passed out at someone's house and when we wake up, brunch has become our breakfast.

  26. Joonha Shcal says

    We talk about each other's feelings all the time. But not with a girl. Except if the girl is so platonic that she's one of the dudes.

  27. adam smith says

    Nice rack!

  28. qtmma1 says

    no brunch.

  29. Cate Ruddell says

    My name's Catie… :'(

  30. Gay says

    Tbh when i have a "guys night out" its about creating memories and inside jokes that only people who went will understand, and its also about relieving secrets that will only stay in that group.

  31. B. Nathan Spencer says

    some are*

  32. B. Nathan Spencer says

    not all of us do that in fact my friends that are girls are the ones I hang out with in public you make it seen like we are complete slobs and some are not some are not

  33. jay patel says

    What did the asian girl ask at 3:09 plz help

  34. Derrick Sarmiento says

    I get brunch after every night of drinking, so I can continue drinking!

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