Gold Bronze Glam Party Makeup Look

Hi, guys welcome back to my channel Now I’m on a mission trying to do a makeup look that some of you guys requested so for this week is a party makeup look …

Gold Bronze Glam Party Makeup Look
Source sichenmakeupholic
  1. Mathias el pro xd dbs says

    Me encanta

  2. Andrea. S says

    Im binge watching ur videos and i honestly love the looks. I love the diagrams! It makes following ur tutorials easy, this should be the standard for “tutorials” u actually tell us what to do and where! So informative i love it

  3. Vivian Pham says

    What color contact are u wearing please keep up the good work

  4. Jessica Febrina says


  5. Rachel Fajardo says

    I love your eyeshadow tutorials because you have hooded eyes like me and most traditional looks don’t work on me

  6. Nashrah Alam says

    You are so freaking beautiful, Masha'Allah. I am questioning my sexuality

  7. OaK says

    Siempre me das grandiosas ideas que lucen increíbles. Sigue así 💜💜💜

  8. Alexz says

    Whats her hair color?

  9. artemis says

    you are art.

  10. loselose says

    you look like a game avatar

  11. elia gomez says

    Amo tus vídeos, aunque no entienda el idioma me sirve bastante, i love you

  12. lolruby says

    I tried this look!!! It looked a bit different because I used another palette and lined my eyes differently but I was really happy with how it looked!!

  13. itsmeaki 아키 김 says

    Watching this even still I dont have eyeshadows ㅠㅠ

  14. Srimayee says

    That face needs to be on vogue

  15. Yolanda Paramita says

    Contact lens: EOS LUNA CHAI

  16. x hebe says

    Loved every single minute of this video and she is so beautiful. Anyone else know IMOOL colored contacts but are still watching these videos? Anyone go to to get a 85% OFF code? Only available before 18th, June 2018.@imool color contact lenses

  17. 강유나 says

    I wore this makeup look to my prom and I loved it!!

  18. JenOfArC says

    Loved the color of your hair and your make up nailed it 😉

  19. Tonu Tojo says

    what is your hair cut name plz tell me

  20. Sophie L says

    Absolutely gorgeous, your so talented and so beautiful 💖💖

  21. Erica Paik says

    Do you have any other suggestions fpr lip color with this look? Like a less nude color?

  22. Wendy Perez says

    can someone please tell me what is the Color of her hair? I'm obsessed. 😥

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