Google Chromecast Review!

Google Chromecast Review!
Chromecast is everything the Nexus Q wanted to be. For $35! Google Chromecast: Chromecast Chrome Extension: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. pradeep grg says



    Cool Can I have it. The give away. Oh1 8 years to slow.

  3. Shalev Zeff says

    2019 stil🔥

  4. Jon Ram says

    Who’s here in 2019? Lmao only me? Ok. 🥺

  5. Pasqualina Marandi says

    I'm 5 years late.

  6. Ameen Abass says

    I missed the ball but are you still giving these away? Better late than never hahahaha

  7. Hannu Reittu says

    Chromecast sucs! Almost all the time "can not connect…."

  8. Kevin Graham says

    WiFi required?

  9. Maddy Chau says

    What if I'm having a video in sd card in my phone, can i play it with screen cast?

  10. Ani Mali says

    Can we watch National Fox News with this Chrome TV? How much is per month?

  11. Tin Ko says

    Rip off – buy a smart tv box with a remote for the same price

  12. Rikard Grandverger says

    mark ass brown lee

  13. just domo says

    Does this work with a regular (not smart) tv?

  14. Cryz P says

    Thank you. Awesome presentation.

  15. Seth Grey says

    Thank you for the clarification. Most reviews were unclear whether the chrome cast plays the video with its own processor or you're merely screen mirroring your phone. Glad to hear it's the former.

  16. Jd Rivera says

    Do I need wifi internet in my home or can I use my phones wifi ???

  17. Leo Jacob says

    is this device 4 k ?

  18. woti1986 says

    Ok but can I cast film that is downloaded on The Phone?

  19. Ahmed Masood says

    Those days with Samsung S4

  20. Francisco Gomez says

    Is that the same thing enabling your Hot Spot and does this decide uses up the speed on your phone?

  21. S sp says

    You cast most things from phone. Press cast or mirror phone on your phone.

  22. top five says

    Can we play games like fortnite on tv with pc

  23. Jedidiah Vette says

    If I were using my phone as a hotspot do you think this would work ok and they TV would play using signal from the phone?

  24. YourTechGuy says

    They are getting kinda extinct, wtf

  25. Tuhinadri Banerjee says

    haha that was the beginning.
    great going bro.
    god bless

  26. Brook Derbe says

    Guys where do you buy your Chromecast from? Marques one in the description does not work. When you click the link it takes you to a error page

  27. Deanthony Henderson says

    If you have a chrome tv why do you need it if you have WiFi

  28. Deanthony Henderson says

    So it need WiFi to start it

  29. Cool Username says

    Thank you so much for the review.
    I have a question though
    Can I lock my phone while streaming a video on YouTube or on chrome?

    Also if I'm broadcasting something in chrome, can I switch tabs and srill have the orginal page broadcasting?


  30. time lapse says

    wait… what? i thought the person talking is a white guy.

  31. Saiesh Naik says

    Is Netflix on this for free?

  32. Monty Roy says

    Which tv you using?

  33. md Rabiul says

    Can I use this chrome device in normal television which is also support or have HDMI ?
    please answer

  34. rajeev chugh says

    Can I play Amazon prime from my phone on TV using Chromecast

  35. Päü Ĺó says

    Does chrome cast support LAN network

  36. Isaac Mora says

    Hi Mate! hey, excellent review and recommendation. Thanks for your fantastic and yet simple one! Cheers!

  37. Taif Glen says

    Hi Marques, Does this device support VPN connection? For example if I want to stream or cast my phone using VPN service and mirror that to my TV. Will it work?

  38. amongst ourselves says

    from dorm room reviews to meetings with elon musk well done bud

  39. Money in the Bank says

    Can you can you cast videos from the Google browser to the Google Chromecast

  40. Princess Toll says

    Will it work with a hot spot from my phone

  41. Sherwin Jay says

    Can I turn off the phone while watching Netflix?

  42. Aries Arboladura says

    will it work without internet connection

  43. Bruce Mihura says

    That is an excellent review with high information rate and VERY well spoken.

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