Google Nexus 5: Black vs White!

Google Nexus 5: Black vs White!
Nexus 5 color choice – More involved than you might think! What’s your choice? Top 5 Android 4.4 KitKat Features: How Google Now …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Tevez Kelez says

    U miss the orange nexus 5, you hate Asians, LOL😅😂🤣😆, just kidding!!

  2. Michał Gorgol says

    Black is better.


    M from Indian bro


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    Bro wy my google Nexus5 not true on white in colour.. Plzz tell me

  6. Azfar Hazizan says

    Legend haha. Miss my N5. Using 6P but… But… Hmmm. Sudden death and cannot on 😔

  7. Zombiechrist265 says

    Black vs white?

    Race war!

  8. Drew Aston says

    I Have A Black So I Can't Change Now

  9. MemberHomei says

    Panda Nexus 5 I called mine

  10. Berly Tannyono Putra says

    You're one of my favorite reviewer, dude. Very informative indeed.

  11. Maxim Andreevich says


  12. Fahud Ibrahim says

    Which one is better. Google nexus 5 black or white. Please help me

  13. TumbleDwarf says


  14. Daftonix says

    theres like a whole stock of cheerios in the back… 

  15. Marlon Thomas says

    Hi my name is Marlon…..I'm from Trinidad and Tobago……. I'm very interested is the Nexus 5….but ah really don't want to buy this phone and it's a bootleg… can u tell how to no De different from the real nexus 5 and the fake please….. Thanks in advance

  16. RachelXKnight666 says

    Can someone tell me why the Nexus 7 came out earlier if this is the Nexus 5? I'm confused :/

  17. Dippy Pants says

    RED FTW!!

  18. Eric Noone says

    I just wish the side of the white phone was matte like the black one.

  19. g0phuckyourself says

    bout time

  20. xShadow says

    Why is it not white on the front like Galaxy or iPhones? It should be, it would look a lot sexier and actually worth buying.

  21. Joep van Uden says

    the plastic edges on the white is a little bummer but i'm still gonna buy it

  22. Bruno Naletto says

    Got myself a stormtrooper. I wanted the vader, but it was out of stock 🙁

  23. Jonathan Lundqvist says

    Once you go black, you never go back as they say 😉

  24. Casse Via says

    Still need this intro song..

  25. Ooh Arhh says

    I've owned both but I prefer the white

  26. csanchezcuba says

    I have noticed that google is out of Nexus 5s in the store, can someone tell me if they have stoped making these, in preparations for the N6 release or its just an inventory shortage, I would like to get a N5, and not a N6, even more now, that they say it will be made by motorola instead of LG, and the screen is way larger now, i prefer my phones smaller, more towards the phone side, screenwise, and less tablet like.

  27. Gunslinger says

    i like matte better than gloss so black is 4 me

  28. JumpDude XD says

    always love watch your videos

  29. Exultant Alpaca says

    White vs. Black? I PICK RED

  30. MrKenny Cashs says

    Should i buy N5 or wait for N6 ?

  31. OneBrokeBloke says

    How is it having no buttons? Those 3 touch at the bottom instead

  32. Nicholas Sadd says

    have you tried taking the back of the white and putting it on the back of the black? P.S. your vids are sweet like android kitkat!

    there is only a little adhesive on the bottom of the phone so its not that hard to take off. 🙂

  33. Mermaid Aphrolila says

    This guy loves his cheerios. #so  #do #I

  34. nnsiio says

    once you go black, you don't go back

  35. Noromance says

    Google Nexus 5 is lg.

  36. Thomas Gladdines says

    In short, buy the nexus 5 black and buy a white battery door from ebay 😛

    This way you have still the non glossy sides and not too obvious looking earpiece and still a white back 😀

  37. eldom72 says

    I work at a bar and usually black people order white russians while white people order black russians. How about that?

  38. Jordan Pavlov says

    It's not White on Black, it's Black on White. Because the Black side is usually the one on top for most of the use time. That Phone must make some pretty hot Movies 😛 . Maybe Vader sat on a stormtrooper in the recycling room of the Death Star.

  39. madworld10 says

    Bright Red is where it's at! 

  40. Black win

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