Google Nexus 5 Review!

Google Nexus 5 Review!
Google’s KitKat Flagship, AKA Stormtrooper Nexus! LG Nexus 5: Black vs White Nexus 5: Top 5 Android …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. HADDII says

    Still rocking this in 2019 😂😂

  2. HolaSoyAndree says

    Title: Google Nexus

    Back of phone: LG NEXUS

  3. I Hassan says

    i am still using it since the phone released

  4. Ignazium says

    Who is anticipating the Next Pennywise

  5. Tevez Kelez says

    It comes with the orange casing too!! I had that one!

  6. Gagarin says

    "buttons are really nice"

    cries in stuck power button bootloop

  7. Sugou Nobuyuki says

    Here before youtube recommends this in 2019

  8. Nagappa Pattanashetti says

    I owned a Nexus 5, I used it for very long. But I can't believe that it has only 2GB RAM. My One Plus 7 has a 6GB RAM. The Nexus 5 had a very bad build strength and the battery was crappy.

  9. Jaysann22 says

    I could never go back to it as a daily driver, but in a lot of ways, I do miss my Nexus 5. It was the year Samsung dumped external storage for their S series and I just was fed up with Verizon wallet gouging me. So, I dumped Samsung and Verizon, jumped on T-Mobile and the Nexus 5 and I was VERY pleased. 😁👍

  10. Titanium Labs says

    7:24 Love that poster!

  11. I Hassan says

    I am watching this in my Nexus 5 in 2019

  12. Housam Abbas says

    still have it 2019 , more

  13. Bipin Rajagopalan says

    Anybody Still watching this in 2019?

  14. Wilfried007 says

    used my N5 for over 5 years, great device!

  15. hieu hoang says

    That is it
    You cross your line youtube
    No more 5 year ago

  16. Chocolate says

    Got this in my recommended, it's 2019…

  17. SUGOI GAMER says


  18. Atishay Jain says

    Just saw this vintage mkbhd video! 😁❤️

  19. -- says


  20. Artemis 2D says

    Panda colorway, I think Google took that cue and brought it to the Pixel 2 XL.

  21. CaymanHillDesigns says

    2019… Still using it. Great phone.

  22. Kashish Bilandi says

    Anyone watching in 2019?

  23. AUR Gaming says

    2019????? o.O

  24. ery12ajuzzzz says

    Watching this using youtube on android pie 9

  25. Retiro Cheng says

    I am still rocking the Nexus 5. 🙂 Battery life is crap and camera don't not take super nice pics complaining to today's standard but it still alive and still useable. 🙂

  26. Adil Əsgərov says

    I bought Nexus 5 in 2014 January & we are in 2019, I still use Nexus 5, till 2016 Nexus 5 could beat most of the phones, really beast. Now I use 2 phones, one of them is Nexus 5. The other is from 2018. If u r reading this, subscribe to Marques 🙂

  27. SkryderS says

    2019 до сих пор использую

  28. MrCreeper3377 says

    Gyro, magnetometer, compass… All sensors except for the wifi and the gps stopped working like a year ago on my nexus 5…

  29. Rishabh Bhasker says

    2018 anyone ?

  30. Iam a Good person says


  31. I am says

    Watching this in late 2018, about to buy the Purple Thunder 6T tomorrow and the Nexus 5 has 15x better microphone audio. LMAO

  32. Aakash H says

    2018 anyone?

  33. S G says

    Best nexus all things considered

  34. Gunwant Jain says

    why are you here in 2018?

  35. Erwin EAK says

    2018 and still have it
    best phone ever
    cant seem to find a replacement

  36. Danny Heard says

    Here after the Supersaf video

  37. kakikadosh says


    Phone just got unusable, worked perfectly fine until now.
    It's been 4.5 years since I bought it, couldn't wish for a better phone.

  38. Carlos Lara Ortiz says

    2018 and we miss this type of phones 😔

  39. TrinoElrich says

    I actually still have my Nexus 5 (though currently rocking the Pixel 3) and frankly the performance on that thing has held up beautifully. It certainly aged better than my 5x, however the battery is definitely the worst part about the 5 now. I still cherish the hell out of my Nexus 5.

  40. Yashdeep Hirpara says

    Still using Nexus 5 ! Like a side phone tho..

  41. Neel Kanjia says

    Wait, thats cheap

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