Google Pixel 4 Review: Inside the Hype Machine!

Google Pixel 4 Review: Inside the Hype Machine!
Pixel 4 is a massive victim of its own hype… It’s a great Android phone that’s hard to recommend Pixel 4 skins: SuperSaf camera …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Adam Stratford says

    I pre ordered before doing enough research and cancelled the same day. Bought a OnePlus 7T instead

  2. Mbakatika Mulamba says

    i think a 1 Plus 7 Pro with a Google camera mod will be a better deal than the current pixels. You get a better battery, fast charging, amazing display and most of the current andriod 10 features in a cheaper package. I am a pixel fan. currently using the Pixel 2. I was really hoping for an amazing phone from google this year that would be reasonably priced but this ain't it.

  3. OpChickenLord says

    marquess should make a beats solo pro review
    Like so he can see this

  4. DSLR Beginner says

    Ridiculous small battery with bad battery life, huge ugly forehead, not the best cameras, no fingerprint scanner, gimmicky features… No

  5. Mr Bison says

    Very crap 💩

  6. Tiagraj I says

    The design is an insult at that price point

  7. Christopher Klix says

    Love these Star Wars SFX man 😀

  8. Alan YeLLeZ Rostovtsev says

    You need Fingerprint scanner because android cannot make the safest face unlock feature. – The most stupid thing I've ever heard about.
    Buy and use iPhone and stop demanding the finger print – the most useless feature after iPhone X was presented.

  9. Mano Sanjay says

    Dieter Bohn (Verge) => "Only sleep around people you trust."
    Marques => "I can sleep with my phone"

  10. PolaroidMemory says

    Pixel 4 vs Iphone 11 Pro vs Huawei Mate 30 pro on cameras?

  11. Prashant Chavan says

    Buying a Flagship phone is a Symbol of Stupid person

  12. Esert Young says

    Ugliest looking phone for sure.

  13. Awsan Eryani says

    So the OP7P with gcam is more of a pixel than the pixel 4🤔

  14. Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne says

    Pixel 4A XL

  15. Alan Dobson says

    I bought the Pixel 3 instead. Yes it's a year old but performance is good with Android 10 and I get to keep the fingerprint scanner.

  16. Predators4U says

    When he taps the Pixel 4… Its an alarm… Indication for calling Zack a.k.a Jerry…

  17. Czeslaw K. says

    you can tell that the phone is garbage when he didn't even bother to upload this on time

  18. Silver death says

    Remember the time when in the first google pixel ad, google taunted apple iphone 7 for removing headphone jack. And now look at this shit….no jack and no fingerprint. Hypocrisy in overdrive mode

  19. Wen You Yee says

    In Singapore, Pixel 4 is about the same price as iPhone 11. Which do you guys prefer?

  20. Younes Ten says

    I love this phone but i need iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro 👍🏼

  21. King Dance says

    I wait until everyphone has 120hz refresh rate 😂

  22. Call Me Contra says

    I have an OG Pixel XL and I'm still happy enough with it that I'm probably going to wait until the Pixel 5, lol. Without a ton of meaningful improvements in specs and camera, I don't really see the point in upgrading…

  23. Ilya Chap says


  24. Joseph Assaker says

    Dude, i got the Mi A3 for 250$: Android One, normal lens + wide-angle lens, under-display fingerprint, 4000mAh battery, teardrop notch, expandable storage, headphone jack, IR blaster, etc…

  25. Peter Vanderpuye says

    Getting this ugly forehead for a gimmick is such a waste; phones as an accessory have to also look good for the price. I'm an Android guy but this year, Apple's offering is more exciting.

  26. Banica Georgian Vasile says

    Pixel 4a anyone?

    No radio sensor, just a notch and bigger battery

  27. Frantic Ghost says

    what you review please tittles same 🙄. tittles as pixel 4 and using XL 😑

  28. Nonth Suriyan says

    6:17 me on tinder

  29. A. F. says

    Good old times when the Nexus was literally half the price of an Iphone… Now the Iphone is cheaper. Damn

  30. Ajith Munasinghe says

    Face Unlock is the future we need to improve face unlock more secure and safer

  31. SkaiSharku says

    So, your recommendation is the Pixel 3a for half the price? Awesome.

  32. BK Tan says

    1+ FTW

  33. Yasin Hasan says

    14:37 both night photos on pixel shows more starts than iphone, talking about details …

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