Grado SR80e: Dope Budget Headphones!

Grado SR80e: Dope Budget Headphones!
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Source Marques Brownlee
  1. jimE T says

    y'all should get koss PP's instead… More 'budget'

  2. K. I. says

    Love mine old school look and vibrant soundstage

  3. Raktim Dutta says

    Grado headphones are so flat and accurate! Definitely not for Bass lovers… like Hip-Hop/Rap, EDM to name a few. If you listen to Rock music at the most, then just go for it. It'll blow you away!

  4. Scott Lowell says

    The same driver as 325's. Just get the $19 325 replacement pads and the 80e will sound identical. Great upgrado.

  5. owais Qureshi says

    143$ really cheap wooow in Amazon India 😢👍👍

  6. Wonderment says

    Still using them, the drivers are still fire. The band is starting to break apart though.

  7. Johnson Taylor says

    That shit uglier than my ex.

  8. Eudaimonia says

    If you love isolation this is a no buy

  9. The jukebox says

    I like being able to hear environment while using them.

  10. Trace C. says

    I got the Sr60e over the M20x. Not sure yet what to think of it.

  11. Eggy Noggy says

    If the Frequency response is greater than ( 5Hz-30/50KHz ) and Impedance = less than ≤64Ω and the Driver Unit is smaller than 57mm and they dont cover my ear, I think i'll be bothered by the sound regardless of what is playing.

  12. Jax Nean says

    Great review

  13. Amir Khalid says

    Grados do sound nice. But those foam earpieces rot within a year, and need regular replacement. That's what put me off Grados.

  14. dirtdirt says

    IMO the SR80e lacks bass at low volumes. Not happy with the purchase

  15. Prince Jaq says

    Yes i like vintage design

  16. Randyrocker says

    That's it! I've had it with these cheap Grado SR80e Headphones. The workmanship on these products stinks to high heaven. The wires crack and they break easily they're made of the cheapest material on earth, a crumby plastic, poor quality all around. You can't even enjoy the sound for the crackles and distortions, and trying to even listen is a chore as the speakers disconnect. I'm furious I ever bought these sloppy poorly made in Brooklyn USA product. Pure crap! Never again will I buy Grado.

  17. Riley Mead says

    Mine don't have the e on them and the head cushion is better

  18. Kurapika Nostrad says

    but how good the noise outside gets in? I need it so I can hear if someone needs my attention or someone knocking.

  19. francisco lb says

    Is it great to listen to rap music?

  20. Trace C. says

    Grado SR80e or ATH M30X?

  21. Isaac Pasillas says

    Can u put them on a iphone

  22. Lucas Da Ronco says

    These are not so good. Almost no bass, uncomfortable and screechy highs.
    A good option for a great price would be the Superlux 668b/Samson 850 or the Philips shp9500s

  23. Alfredo Durán says

    And he never talked about the detailed characteristics of the sound reproduced by these headphones. What I recommend here is that U go to an audiophile channel that talks about a detailed and interesting review on high-end headphones. I could set up a video and talk to talk briefly about these headphones, and I never would because I don't like to make a fool of myself. I got bored watching this video and I think I'm warned about this type of review. That's why I include audiophile channels in my YouTube account that do know, I said, period! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  24. iluvj00 says

    Listening on my Grado Ps500e

  25. Vapor X10 says

    just buy Philips sh9500s

  26. SuperPussyFinger says

    With headphones like these, I’ll be an honorary white guy.

  27. PathFinder says

    I fricken love your shirt. Big fan. 😀

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