Graffiti Hair

Graffiti Hair
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  1. Itsyourgirlameeyah Thecutie says

    Whos watching this cause of Brad Mondo

  2. Ari Anator says

    Y'all relise these aren't suppose to be worn out and about? 😂

  3. Mija Gaither says

    Awesomeness 😎😍

  4. Nice video, but I have black hair, like you. I would of liked to have seen something in that. Maybe white paint?

  5. wherearemychanclas? v:; says

    V: i need Brad Mondo to try this xdxd

  6. Unicorn 1 M says

    Me is speechless in a good way so I use emojis:😁😍😱🤩👍

  7. Parvathi p chandran says

    Then it should rain..

  8. Kiya says

    It's beautiful and all, but everyone knows it's not gonna work with naturally fluffy hair

  9. Elijah Chavez says

    Anyone know what spray they used?

  10. wildfire smoke says

    1 time look pretty neath

  11. TheOcelotGirl says

    Imagine how BAD it feels because it all sticks together…. probably all tangled too….

  12. Eva K says

    Couldnt they have involved people of colour or atleast someone whose hair isnt stick straight

  13. I'm doing this for Coachella lol

  14. Kamana Thapa says


  15. mjb says

    For some odd reason this seems like an insider tech video.

  16. gaming nerd 99 says

    0:23 I love her hair i wish I had them wait I love everybody's hair

  17. Crown H says


  18. Катюша 81 says

    I want my hair to look like this.

  19. unknown says

    What if you move or do anything

  20. Anon Tabe says

    ok i dont understand i have seen this on bodly

  21. guyoiii __ says

    I loved Lindsay's hair

  22. Nina and Sarah Watters says

    I love the second one

  23. Maze Lumboy says

    where to buy that hair paint? and what its name?

  24. Sienna Howard says

    After a shower, ur hair is gonna be so muddy and gross

  25. Suresh Thekketh says


  26. Kpop Is My Life says

    What happens when you hair goes flying around in the wind and winds up twisting around and your unable to get it looking that cool ever again? Then you're walking around with random colors through parts of your hair. It's a cool concept but I feel like it's too flawed for people with long hair. Still really cool for short hair though

  27. Margaret Weld says


  28. Marvel Hyped says

    That was my wish

  29. Amanda Raaberg Nielsen says

    And When u wave ur hair u cant See it

  30. Jack Halford says


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