Grandparents Give Love Advice

Grandparents Give Love Advice
Should you wait until marriage to sleep with somebody? Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Liquid Space …

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  1. Miguel Cabrales says

    I am so lonely omg

  2. Josue DelMonde says

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  3. LoveMe,com says

    Seeing them would make me believe in love again. If they remain strong for each other for a lifetime why can't we?

  4. Robert Storment says

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  5. izet abazovic says

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  7. Namuna Music says

    60 years and I'll be with cats

  8. Lily Fenster says

    the couple with the bowtie and the flowery skirt are so cute omg

  9. Kristi Persinger says

    My name was spelled wrong.

  10. TheXCarlii says

    The young couple is like,,so aesthetically perfect?

  11. c1rcu1tn3rd says

    Awwww, love this. I miss my grandparents.

  12. Alice says

    For the paying for dates thing, I think that the one that asked/initiated the date should pay. I mean, that's only fair right?

  13. Jeff Allenbrand says

    I was on pins and needles for the closing question. I figured she would say wait until marriage but you never know. The older generation sometimes get corrupted by the modern culture. So thrilled that she said wait. Listen to you grandparents!!!

  14. Paula Allier says

    I'm happy Taylor is not single anymore! 🙌👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  15. L G says

    I nonni italiani, troppo carini!

  16. Garrett Dalley says

    essential rule for paying for dates: you ask, you pay

  17. Amy Hagen says

    lovely 😍😍😍

  18. Jay Mayview says

    How is the guy paying an old school idea? I'm in high school and that's what everyone does at this age.

  19. Bre Shin says


  20. Fly Celestrina says

    'There are a lot of things you don't hear about,' wait what?

  21. Global Review says

    Everytime, Why the Hot one always be gay 🙁

  22. seventhseance says

    how is the girl at 0:36 single?! what?

  23. sn1per194 says

    grandpa in the blue shirt should kick the crap out of man-bun bow tie guy. just jack him in the word hole as hard as possible.

  24. Nickolus Joynson says

    I recently heard a story about my grandparents that when my mum was like 13 or 14 my grandpa had bought a really expensive perfume for my grandma and it had only recently run out. It was so important to her that she only ever used a little bit to go on date night with my grandpa

  25. Shiela Hazel Sabaria says

    I love their advises.

  26. Sarah Pierce says

    "Slow down when you drive" I am deceased 😂

  27. Jackson Catlett says

    My rule for paying is if they ask me out they're paying, no matter the gender. If I ask them out id pay.

  28. Tegan W says

    Taylor's Grandmother has been married 26, as have my parents… I'm 13…

  29. buyagonz says

    Oooh Taylor is single now 😍

  30. Frances Maysonet says

    Taylor looks a lot like her grandma

  31. Sylvia The Unicorn Rose says

    When my parents were on their way to the restaurant for their first date, they stopped at a stop sign and nobody was moving. They later found out that my dad's parent's car broke down, so my dad's parent's were sitting right next to them on their first date XD

  32. Pigeon Coo says

    So many gay people in america

  33. Vale Jaramillo says

    i like her rule

  34. RinaOfDoom says

    My advice for a long relationship is to get all your dirty laundry out in the open early. It's better to get all your crazy on the table than to hide it away until later when you are more invested in this person. Finding out if you can handle someone's emotional baggage early is a great way to get out of there if you're not up for that amount of psycho. Gotta find someone around the same level of damaged as yourself. I'm about to come up on 14 years with my partner, so the "lets be real" thing is pretty road tested.

  35. Vlogstafy says

    "If I like them I pay and if I don't we split it" — Ooooh I like that advice

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