Grilled Corn 4 Ways

Grilled Corn 4 Ways
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  1. P092O9901O09 says

    The part where you sprinkle on parmesan is too fast. At first I was like…wait what is happening. Had to back and check again. YOu need that instruction to be longer

  2. Esra MUTLU says

    Are they boiled ?

  3. hardminder says

    I can tell by the translucent and gummy like appearance that this corn is way over cooked. 15 minutes on every side (what is every ''side'' on a cylindric object anyway) is WAY too much. A corn should not be psty when eaten it should have a snap and grains should pop when bit in.

  4. JAKY says

    Ok I'm completely confused right now I don't know Wich one I to do

  5. Vaibhav Todi says

    Interesting … Combination

  6. No Name says

    So ymy

  7. アンダーソンタラ says

    the music sounds like something out of raising hope I missing that show

  8. Huff28 says

    Warning: Whiny Mexicans can be found throughout theese comments

  9. Adrienne says

    too bad, summer's almost over

  10. Hassan Mahmood says

    U ruined corn

  11. Cindy Heartfillia says

    when you have all ingredients except one. and you feel like :😫😭

  12. Booon Noob says

    It's dirty to put food on newspaper.

  13. MisooS says

    dang this video is so corny


  14. Roxana Araya Jiménez says

    that looks delicius, i love it

  15. Samantha La says

    4 ears of corn?

  16. Ixaka Craviotto-Velasco says

    You don't use mato for elote you use crema

  17. Neve Oprins says

    am I the only one who tries to guess how they're going to call the dish before it actually shows up on the screen?

  18. Kay D says

    You see I would tell them to try some Caribbean dishes but they might fuck it up…

  19. jongup guppie says

    My dad makes it for me, Mayonnaise , chili flakes, and parmesan cheese ~ i love it 😂💚

  20. Bella Domingues says

    anyone watching this with braces on

  21. Jazzmin Chanel says

    I would try all of them except the last one☺

  22. Aleeshya Shui says

    Watched this even thou I hate corn.

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