Guys Do Their Girlfriends' Makeup For A Week

Guys Do Their Girlfriends' Makeup For A Week
“How gothic do you want to look this week?” Boldly BuzzFeedYellow has changed its name to Boldly. It’s the same content you know and love just Bolder.

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  1. zadose says

    Cute… people think makeup is just a quick lipstick with a teeny bit of eyeliner. Where's the eyeshadow? Brow pencil? Foundation? Concealer? Lip liner? Contouring? mascara?

  2. Stephanie Guevara says

    The bald guy couple probably did horable because they keep saying bad words which he’s not lucky

  3. Stephanie Guevara says

    The one with the hair and the beard did better the bald one did horrible😂 they need more practice

  4. Sneha Siva says

    Jon is really talented. He's going to be the future makeup artist for Mallery.

  5. Sneha Siva says

    The married couple is so adorable.

  6. Becca Viljoen says

    This video was adorable

  7. Day Cabrera says

    Lmfao the bald guy made me laugh a lot but kinda pissed me off at the same time😂😑

  8. Rebecca Kammerer says

    When I have a boyfriend someday I want him to do my Make Up too. Like on a sunday just to try it out and have fun, I think that could be pretty interesting and kinda bonding with each other? Well it looks kinda sweet too if he puts in effort >w<

  9. Aniabas says

    I don't think that one lady's boyfriend actually likes her

  10. Natasya Amadea says

    Simbaa 🦁

  11. Alison Bruemmer says

    john is hot

  12. Princess Pepper says

    Nice replacement Saf

  13. green bean boi says

    This makes me think that some of my teachers’ hubbies do their makeup….

  14. frank iero is pretty rad says

    1:08 that’s a GORGEOUS lip color on her oh my god

  15. 21hairgirl says

    Neither of them had smoky eyes 🙄 funny and entertaining video though!

  16. Madi Frost says

    1:13 he was already in the trend

  17. Manish Misra says


  18. Andrea Reveles says

    OMG that dude (Tan or whatever tf) is irritating I swear

  19. Ice Rose says

    Love the bald guy, don't know why everyone's bashing him, I think he's funny

  20. llama 2.0 says

    Omg hahahaha

  21. myperfectbooks says

    4:48 might be okay
    4:49 the horror

  22. Latifah 52 says

    The wife doesn't look different without makeup she's so cute

  23. Fatiha Lara says

    That married guy did a better job compared to the bald guy.

  24. pr1nce says

    TENN IS SO SWEET HES TRYING HIS BEST. theyre all goals honestly

  25. Taylor _2192 says

    Okay the one girl barely looks any different and like she barely wears any make up any ways, so you really can't tell the difference

  26. Paris Lehenbauer says

    john literaly put her lashes on better than I could have

  27. Paris Lehenbauer says

    john literaly put her lashes on better than I could have

  28. Antonio Verdugo says

    We Want More Cesar!

  29. CutieDevilX3 - AUBY says

    The married couple is super cute! Hes such a good husband having fun with all the makeup and trying his best XD

  30. Does it even matter says

    Oh come on, Jon did a great job xdd why is she feeling bad about it tho.

  31. Diana Ugbaja says

    i love swastiiiii and tennnnn!!!!

  32. IamJacksColon4 says

    that beard guy talks like a gay

  33. Emma Salmon says

    Tenn is hilarious

  34. Alexis Swinford says

    still better than what I can do lmao

  35. Allie Lambert says

    I got to find a man like john.

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