Guys Explain The Best Parts About Being A Girl

Guys Explain The Best Parts About Being A Girl
Other than boobs. Because that’s too obvious. Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to …

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  1. Jennet the wølf Valender says

    "u don't fart, u don't burp"


  2. Hannah Gibson says

    “You don’t fart, you don’t burp.” Oh hunny have u met me?

  3. Sofia Karjala says

    What's the point with having big boobs? Men can lactate and some animals don't have any at all, so what's the point of them being so big? To be annoying and painful?

  4. Maya Little says

    Well not exactly we mostly have to hide Ourselves and on vacation that we are brave enough to do all we really are and where is something that is not covering up our shoulders or legs are anything I will be harassed will be ridiculed you will be called sluts hoes

  5. “You don’t burp, you don’t fart”

  6. Emerald Queen says

    the best thing about being a girl is to I N H A L E O X Y G E N

  7. Doraemon Gacha says

    Don’t you know that they get pregnant…

  8. Azari Howard says

    Oh if being a woman was as easy as they make it seem…

  9. flora says

    Omg some of these are soooooo freaking wrong

  10. Tania Dewa says

    If you're a boy I like you if your a girls I hate you

  11. Cender Stars says

    You forgot one thing…being a girl is the happiness after satans waterfall

  12. Sydney Miller says

    Umm no hate but I have burping contests and I’m a girl like if you do the same 😂😂

  13. Katie Roffe says

    Omg 🙊 no

  14. Strong power thank you says

    "All you gotta do is put the girls out there and the guys will come to you"

  15. Mipper the Meatloaf says

    You orgasm WAY more! Hahahahahahaha……yea right

  16. Wild Chicken says

    *cough *cough I burp and everyone farts

  17. NiahhEdits says

    boobs are a curse and mine aren’t even that big yet 😤

  18. Hannah Milward-Bridges says

    This is stereotyping

  19. Lily Rose Shepherd says

    "The worst part about being a woman is the way men define woman"
    -Quote of 2019

  20. Cha cha potato says

    You do not want to be a girl you don't get it

  21. Elizabeth Nguyen says

    0:47 that killed me "first off all u get to lay down. That's an improvement."

  22. CUTE PATOTAO ko says

    Guy: You don't fart you don't burf

    Me: NANI?!

  23. TrevorXMLG YT says

    When you realize being a guy is harder and more people agree cause this has more views than the other video lol

  24. Summertime Sadness says

    Its called NOTHING!! Lol jk

  25. huma khan says

    great video

  26. Channel X says


  27. Amy C says

    1:12 are you sure?

  28. Rick Astley my overlord says

    Everything they described eventually gets annoying. None of these are advantages.

  29. Bangtan Mermaid says

    “first of all, you get to lay down.” Buddy, let me teach you about stay at home moms

  30. Megan Luminais says

    I hate being a girl

  31. Megan Luminais says

    These guys are crazy it’s horrible being a woman

  32. Rexitoxal says

    This guy gets it 😩👌 1:42

    Smol edit: So does this dude 1:35 🤠

  33. ZaneyBoss says

    This comment section makes me depressed

  34. Lana InTheKitchen says

    omg this is so untrue, Wait is this really what men think about us??

  35. Anonymous Gal says

    I'm a girl (well a young adult) and yeah everything they said is kiinda true but no YOU WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE A GIRL BECAUSE FIRST OF ALL THE FREAKING PERIODS😫AND SECOND OF ALL, THE CATCALLERS. Oh boy I could go on and on but yeah sure being a wahmen is okay😂

  36. JessRyePlayz says

    Yh but u have to be pretty to get 90% on these advantages

  37. Saturn says

    The Worst thing about women is how men define women. Thanks Man thanks for saying it

  38. sevlow says

    Not having random boners

  39. Kynlee Maxwell says

    Ok ok so yes we don’t belch of dart in front of people but we do do these things.

  40. Cupcakissy xx says

    I don't see why boobs should be an advantage. I mean, you get judged by the size of your boobs… that is definetely not great

  41. Miley ._. says

    Not trying to be offensive but 1:44 how people define women all of but you just defined what you think is a woman

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