Guys Try Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorials

Guys Try Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorials
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  1. Breanna Satchell says

    3:003:04…… so gay

  2. The Natural Mom-style says

    The last guys wasn’t bad

  3. Melinda Burge says

    This is WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST Youtube clip I've seen – from 'glitter is my enemy' to 'I feel like that golden wrapping paper' totally hilarious 😀 Well-done, boys <3

  4. Kevin Since says

    3:28 lol just like jim carrey

  5. Yee Yee says

    Amro is the cutest

  6. Maya Papaya says

    They all did so good on the face tho😍❤️

  7. Nearly Near says

    1:31 have you been watching James Charles?…😏

  8. Blonde Child says

    Him: "imma have w glitter crotch for the rest of the day"

    Me: "Oh honey ur gonna have glitter crotch for the next 6 months"

  9. Leyna Venzke says

    You should feature Amro in more videos. He's really funny!

  10. Aaron Michelle says

    All of the guys dragging the sponge is so cringeworthy

  11. Chiquita Mintura says

    james charles is shaking

  12. Tuba Butter says

    "Afraid of herpes" Jeremy who isn't?? lmaoooo

  13. Lily Ly says

    "I feel like a ho ho ho(e)"

  14. Hannah says

    "I look like a drag queen who didnt get a tutorial" i mean.. Ive seen some drag queens who looked like that so.. Accurate

  15. Chibimomoiro says

    so cute,,they look so excited

  16. “ tender date “ 😂

  17. Lonely_girl 256 says

    “These wings wouldn’t get me very far if I was flying but that’s okay.” 😂

  18. sydney moore says

    their little comments under their names omg

  19. Twenty Paphonies says

    "The purpose of foundation is to cover up your past"

  20. Deanna Bailey says

    Anyone else not use highlight?

  21. OkayWitches x says

    “Btw I have a ghost in my apartment”

  22. Tricia K says

    1:36 I died 😂

  23. Jake Bates says

    Guys look hot with make-up on. Fight me

  24. Ciera’s Polished Queens says

    I am dying laughing at they commentary for the results

  25. Nikki Gardner says

    why did some of theses guys do gud…

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