Hackintosh Pro Project! [Part 1]

Hackintosh Pro Project! [Part 1]
The Hackintosh Pro Project is born! The goal of this project is create a beast of a video editing rig for 2013. Objective #2: Dual boot OSX Mountain Lion and …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. ricky v says

    I would have never imagined you using a Hackintosh dude. But, I guess everyone did what they had to at one point in time. (:

  2. Yuda Prastowo says

    Hi from 2019

  3. Mufaddal Bajwa says

    Watching July 2019

  4. Ayella Balmoi Brian says

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  5. MelBlendz Da Barber says

    Can you make a new one i know a lot as changed since you made this video but I do miss you doing things like this plus I never win on your giveaways. Get back if you can 😉😎

  6. MusaddiqAkhtar says

    @MKBHD we want a 2019 Hackintosh Pro build!

  7. Elektro Elektro says

    5 years old…

    Edit : 6 years old xd…

  8. R Nash says

    Who’s watching this in 2018?

  9. Lyrics Channel says

    Make new Make new Make new Make new Please

  10. Jonathan Garcia says


  11. Lapu Lapu City Rider says

    2018 here?

  12. Lapu Lapu City Rider says

    So young

  13. Jorge F. P. Ramos says

    Marques, why did you changed from Hackintosh to a real Mac?

  14. Matthew Thaxton says

    Issa throwback

  15. Aditya Kankal says

    Pls pls help me

  16. Aditya Kankal says

    It’s an intel core 2duo 3.0ghz e8400

  17. Aditya Kankal says

    And even the motherboard is legacy pls will you help me I have a virtual machine running Mac OS high Sierra pls pls pls !!!!!

  18. Aditya Kankal says

    Hey mkbhd I have a pc dell Inspiron 545s will Mac OS high Sierra word even I have an nvidia gt 210

  19. Vicente Ferrer says

    waiting for the hackintosh 2017 pros and cons video

  20. Ð E L A V Y N says

    Watching in June 2017 🙂

  21. Justin says

    Can you do an updated Hackintosh video? I am having trouble deciding on parts, and I know I will have trouble with the install of macOS and drivers and such

  22. HiranyaGarbh Choudhary says

    Hit LIKE if you are watching it in 2017!

  23. DIPAK MALAKAR says

    ausu GTX 750ti Graphiec problum donot load pls Help

  24. Ryan says

    Would you still recommend using a hackintosh as your main editing rig if you're on a budget?

  25. Chicken Shop Boss Man says

    I miss this intro

  26. JK Tech says

    Make an updated 2017 one please hat would be cool

  27. Aaron Chew says

    24 December 2016 Christmas Eve

  28. Allan Sh says

    Hey Marques, Apple hasn't update the Mac Pro for ages. Can you do such tutorial again in 2017?

  29. Aseem Gidwani says

    "Happy apocalypse", lol I got confused because for a second you made it sound like this was a 2016 vid

  30. The Random Viner says

    When Marques was young.

  31. Kyro says

    This intro is so nostalgic

  32. John M says

    august 24 2016

  33. Amit Kumar says

    aah.. love ur videos… :D… (love from India).. 🙂

  34. alex murphy says

    OSX 10 not OS 10. Unless you're coming from an alternate universe where Windows didn't crush OS/2 and now it has progressed to OS/10

  35. Oliver Muthomi says

    Once tried to build mine from a laptop but failed. I'll soon try again with his guide.

  36. Mushy says

    add windows 10 to it first if u do not have a xbox 1 go get one and get a gaming setup and u got a kickass gaming setup

  37. k. k. says

    Who is watching this in 20114

  38. JXIE Productions says

    make more of these 2016

  39. Maxime Marquis says

    You should pick Windows 10!

  40. WoWplayer527 says

    you look and sound like a baby

  41. itcomeoff says

    Watching in February 2016

  42. Lonezewolf Gaming says

    A youtube channel with computer wizards, you my friend has earned a subscriber.

  43. Mandana Manouchehri says


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