Hackintosh Pro Project! [Part 2: The Parts]

Hackintosh Pro Project! [Part 2: The Parts]
Hackintosh Pro Project! [Part 2] Hackintosh Pro is getting official! Full parts list is below! Part 1 [Overview]: http://youtu.be/iwaW6HR9dw4 Parts List with Pricing!

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. ricky v says

    Dude, this is a good build. Glad, you shared what you did years ago. LOL

  2. Elvis Van says

    ☁️2PM Jul 18 2019

  3. Alfredo Vazquez says

    Back when annotations were around

  4. Youssef Hady says

    Any one watching this in 2019??

  5. Nathan Fredrickson says

    Dec 2018 actually 🙂

  6. Gurjot Singh kalsi says


  7. Finlay Mitchell says



    Anyone watching this in 2017

  9. Xsaveur says

    How much is this computer worth now, does he still use it and would it be smart to build this same computer in 2017?

  10. Will Mutt says

    As far as compatibility with OSX Sierra, are these parts still suitable?

    Thanks 🙂

  11. Till Friedrich Ritzmann says

    does it work with mac os x sierra

  12. JK Tech says

    How many subs did he have in 2013 Q1

  13. Keith Chapman says

    Puny 6 core peasent. I have a dual CPU.

  14. Static Vapour says

    will "hackingtoshing" work on pentium G3258 processor, and where i can find tutorial for this

  15. D R I P says

    Hmm wonder how that 670 superclocked competes with the 1080 founder's… I can only wonder….

  16. João Victor says

    I really do find this guy's videos really good and informative. He must be such a filthy rich man!

  17. Gerardo Hernandez says

    my favorite youtuber

  18. Ricardo Santos says

    does anyone know if I could run the latest version of OSX if I build this now

  19. Mushy says

    oh yea and way bigger case

  20. Mushy says

    I built it but I spent 150 bucks for 3 terabytes of storage and I spent way too much money on 128 of ram

  21. VeloFX says

    Dude this powersupply is way too overkill for this setup,even if you replace gtx 670 with a high end card.that's like you put 30 inch tires on a smart

  22. aquarium says

    Get ready to listen to wrong tech terms. These are my favorite. 1. 8 ram DIMMs (comes with free ram). 2. He listens to marketing. He read the box and listed everything it said on the box. 3. Plenty of PCI. Plenty of SATA stuff. 4. Throw RAM at programs. 5. Percentage points. 6. Doin' some RAID. 7. Not tech but "Underkill"? Really? 8. Plus Functional. 9. Card Reader.

  23. aquarium says

    He has script in his lap.

  24. aquarium says

    Multi-Threading. Haha

  25. Neil Mehta says

    u cludve have just downloadd it online for free

  26. Abdul Rehman Khan says


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