Hair Stylists Tell Their Most Horrifying Stories

Hair Stylists Tell Their Most Horrifying Stories
Hair Stylists Tell Their Most Horrifying Stories Mario

 #Hair #Stylists Tell Their Most #Horrifying #Stories
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  1. Taizz ya boy says

    I thru a lil farts here and there 💀😂

  2. Kemoshea says

    4:58 Gurl, lead with the lady is at least 80!! Totally different story! 😂

  3. Scarlets World says

    Anyone else got max and ruby feels from the outro?

  4. cq _Rw says

    Thats a whole man

  5. BTS Tea says

    I remember when My older sister was cutting my hair she accidently cut her finger so there ended up being blood in my hair T_T

  6. D.Tilly says

    Guy #1 needs to remember Poopourri! Best product EVER!

  7. chloe w says

    yesss the last guy, steve is from Jersey !!

  8. Laura Montoro says

    Omg I love in point plesent New Jersey !

  9. OhGodItsKeith says

    Mario is a legend PERIOD🛑

  10. hailey elizabeth says

    I live near point pleasant and trust me when I tell you the one hairstylist who said that there is no lingere shops there is telling the truth

  11. Sharon P says


  12. Caoimhe46xx says

    Poor Steve 😅

  13. Elisa Martinez says

    Hey! His hair I want his hair

  14. MissMadisonTate says


  15. Silver Seraph says

    4 months till I get my license, and I have already had so many crazy clients come to the school i go to, but not changing it for the world, 500 more hours and I'm so there

  16. Happy Dancer says

    I love Mario and Steves story 😂😂😂😂

  17. Gothic Punk Bae says

    “I aXed her” kill me

  18. Leela 011 says

    Once I went to a hair salon and this girl sat next to me on another chair suddenly had a mental breakdown and while the hair dresser was curling her hair (She had it dyed and was now having it styled) She grabbed the hair curler and burnt her hands then stood up and started screaming historically whilst running out the front door 😂 Im pretty sure someone walking past called the police and she was taken to a mental institution…

  19. Emma-Davis O'Quin says

    Ok so I have a couple of things about the first guy
    1.) he looks like a girl
    2.) why is his face so shinny

  20. XXbiz says

    Lmaoooooo more of the first guy

  21. Maddy Church says

    Steve is my spirit animal

  22. Alexandra Comaniciu says


  23. Josie Creations says

    Can i be the last guys best friend

  24. Darina Angelova says

    That top really didn't do her any favors…

  25. T.A. D. says

    "I love my career. So bring it on cuckoos" omg 😂😂😂😂

  26. shinylittlegoldfish says

    Who cares if a model heard you fart?

  27. ROSУ_каrма says

    "As a hairdresser, it's really intimidating to go to the toilet."

    Surgeons said Hi

  28. Dakota Rose says

    “Happy endings” lmao

  29. Emily Catherine says

    I would kill for Mario's hair

  30. edo 99 says

    the madison one😭😭😭😭

  31. Zsofia Toth says

    Lmaooo I know the guys at the end

  32. Aisyah Busri says

    “bring it on coocoos” is my go-to motivator now

  33. Kimii Beanie says

    Are you the Mario that is friend with Amber Scholl??!!!!😁🥰🧡

  34. Dev Quit Smoking says

    Steve kinda did give her blow

  35. IamBri says


  36. Jeremy Bragg says

    My older sister is a hairstylist and she once had to style a persons hair who had schizophrenia. So as I’m waiting in line to get a haircut from her she asks this woman who is going crazy to the voices in her head if it was ok to use the straight razor. This lady goes mad about how she better not slit her throat or stab her. My sister then looks at the woman’s daughter and she mouthed “I know” The daughter pays for the haircut and leaves then I get called up and my sister just bursts out laughing telling me.

  37. Gautham Reddy says

    I do a little fart here and there

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