Handmade Lasagna As Made By Joe Sasto • Tasty

Handmade Lasagna As Made By Joe Sasto • Tasty
Follow along with Joe Sasto and learn to make a hearty and delicious handmade lasagna, perfect for a cold winter’s day. Follow Joe on Instagram: …

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  1. Kieran Mace says


  2. Alex Molina says

    Joe ? Who’s Joe ?

  3. Tristan Magno Felipe says

    He's a cutie. Like me some Italian Stalin.

  4. jon-jon avendaño says

    The patience

  5. Twofingersonmobile says

    I just ate lasagna

  6. Tasha22Bella says

    Now I want Lasagna.. and I just finished supper… Pasta might I add…
    Must make this sometime, this recipe is fire..

  7. Karol DeStefano says

    Thanks you!! I grew up calling it gravy and as an adult have taking a lot of harassment for calling it that!!

  8. t11urtle says

    whos joe

  9. Black Sky says

    I'm sorry but that just looks gross ._.

  10. Yourworstnightmare Ever says

    Garfield has entered the chat

  11. Miriam says

    I love lasagna and I noticed that you have the bechamel and cheese together. I always do that and friends tell me that it is too much. Glad to see someone else doing it also

  12. Tactful Hbean says

    putting ingredients on top and subtitles at bottom is pretty daft s no one could see it properly. A bit of straight thinking needed here !

  13. 3auka88 says

    Ok I'm not italien but after he pours milk and white wine in I could not take it anymore…. Nope sorry this looks like a mess but not a lasagna and I can tell because my friends nonna is from Bologna and she makes the best pasta /lasagna ever

  14. Sean Skove says

    Eat from when you wake up. Take a nap. Eat again. Where do I sign up?

  15. timothy jones says

    I just want to take the time to appreciate how AMAZING GOOD LOOKING this guy is, im sorry if this is inappropriate but its true he is a snack

  16. Gunawan S. says

    Who's Joe?

  17. The1995Ren says

    Complete new level of lasagna.

  18. bambi uwu says

    bitch lasagna bitch lasagna look at t-series they just crying for their mama

  19. Fabrizio Botta says

    mozzarella in the lasagna? not really Italian…

  20. Xian Thong Han says

    lasagna is one of the best foods out there in the world and no one can convince me otherwise

  21. Queenie x says

    Needs red pepper

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