Hands-on with Microsoft's Future Foldables!

Hands-on with Microsoft's Future Foldables!
Hands-on with Surface Neo and Surface Duo, products from the future! 2019 Microsoft Surface Family Impressions: https://youtu.be/aeaBaTqmu8Q MKBHD …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Reena Singh says

    Companies be like
    Samsung:- Take my foldable screen.
    Apple:- chill with these stoves.
    And then microsoft come with the NUO,:-
    "Hold my nuo and get out of my yard".

  2. Sahaj Singh says

    Tbh, who will even use these foldable devices, they are just gimmicks. Such a waste of time money and efforts.

  3. Eshwar Dhuppalli says

    Did he just call him pandak panay from panau in just cause 2

  4. Kayden S says

    Microsoft just made a ds phone and tablet, my broken ds can fold exactly like that

  5. Echo Zoolu says

    Definitely excited for the level of productivity on the duo

  6. BrayenTheAries says

    3:06 JerryRigEverything enter the chat

  7. Dampf says

    Duo 2: Windows x64 apps compatible through new powerful emulation, foldable neo keyboard support, Android apps compatible, docks with continum and then runs full Windows on ARM. Boom, the future of computers and phones. No need to thank me.

  8. SpenserFL says

    Those both look amazing

  9. Arun S J says

    Chinese: "Ok we got the idea… Start the manufacturing… "

    Next day news: Chinese company '£#@&_' released a product identical to Microsoft's foldable surface devices …

  10. Dhruv Rai says

    OMG!!! LG is really underrated!!

  11. anonyless says

    I believe Linus Torvalds just won – MS product completely based on the Linux kernel

  12. Sahil Mehta says

    Aahh that wallpaper. Love these easter eggs😁

  13. Minatozaki SANA Fan says

    I like this more than Galaxy fold🤯

  14. wakeupnow says

    I'm not so worry about battery life. I suspects it lasts similar to the iPad air. It's thin and it still capable to power it for a day and more

  15. Follower of Pooh says

    Lenovo yoga book with a fully usable second screen. People already forgot.

  16. Ahmed Kumayl says

    Nice shirt brother

  17. 3165dwayne says

    ZTE already did this.

  18. predi damor says

    Aaah google + Microsoft
    Its going to be cracking future.

  19. mahamud jesun says


  20. Paros K says

    The windows XP wallpaper thou

  21. Evan Moulder says

    Awesome how @MKBHD has the old XP wallpaper on his new Mac..

  22. jetsu3yahoo says

    This dude is perpetuating the consumerism that is detrimental to society. Who cares about these new products. These companies are selling you a lie and this guy is their puppet

  23. Harlock2day says

    Why don’t they make the hinge of glass screen so that, on the front at least, it can become part of a larger screen.

  24. gadgetboynaija says

    You get some amazing exclusives, Marques!

  25. Theknight says

    feels like my screen is always going to be dirty

  26. Barry Manilowa says


  27. Nara Hitesh says

    But why?

  28. Ishmael says

    I really like the look of these devices. The best foldable phone design in my opinion.

  29. Beniamin Lapinski says

    Wow that Android Tablet looked REALLY good… I like it

  30. Derrick Fung says

    As cool as the Neo is, I wonder what the compatibility Windows 10X has with the non-MS applications we use now. It’s going to be really interesting how this evolves.

  31. S D says

    It not a folding phone and this concept is not new

  32. gharbi hamza says

    Now that's how you do foldable <3

  33. WGACA says

    This can't be called a foldable. When the screen is interrupted, it's NOT a foldable.

  34. Liam Ashton says

    I like it but it looks a bit too wide when folded shut to be pocketable.

  35. Anmol Bhatia says

    Imagine in the future CFO will stand for Chief Foldable Officer

  36. Deep_ Ocean says

    I'm glad that Microsoft back in the game)
    Now there going to be the real competition. We're yet close to future high technology


    Basically a digital Smart Book Laptop 😂😁

  38. ProGamingHours says

    Folding devices are useless

  39. Joydeep Sengupta says

    You should check out Mi Mix Alpha

  40. 100 subs please says

    Phone case maker : I'm done… -_-

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