Handy Facts About Male Masturbation

Handy Facts About Male Masturbation
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  1. Will Campbell says

    Lol handy facts. Great title. I love this post and appreciate the education. One of my suggestions would be to use a penis health creme. We moisturize our faces and bodies but completely neglect our penises. So odd!

  2. sindri andri says

    Am i the only one who does it at least twice a day

  3. Shuz says


  4. jo'saiah Idk says

    Dont press read more

    I warned uuuuuu


    So how was your day

    Why are u still reading????

    If u made it this far leave a like

    And yes am asking for likes


  5. MrSeksyy says


  6. Ian Spamm says

    I do this about twice a month or more sometimes and it's such a stress reliever. I'm always in a happier mood afterwards.

  7. How did I get here 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Isosceles T says

    In middle school, I would run home from school in anticipation of going in my room, stripping and masturbating. I've never lost that feeling.

  9. Lord W.S. says

    One problem is that, your face becomes filthy with excessive zits and pimples if u fap

  10. Jazzora says

    So 98% of men are masturbaters, and 2% are liars.

  11. Alexa says

    Kieth is so cute honestly!

  12. Christian Johnson says

    < Smoking can actually be harmful and dangerous
    < Drugs can actually be harmful and dangerous
    < Drinking can actually be harmful and dangerous
    < Masterbating isn't harmful and dangerous yet it's wrong?? Wtf

    I've always said that I'll stop doing it once I get a girlfriend. I can kinda see why it's wrong if you have a partner, but if you don't, this is a great alternative to getting high off of harmful stuff.

  13. Charlie Parker says

    Hahaha, "handy facts". Good one buzzfeed

  14. Adri del Pino says

    Interesting video per se, but the images and sounds make it awesome!

  15. yerowww666 says

    gosh. i am ruining the average by fapping about 1-4 times a day.

  16. Amelie Albright says

    "so what do you do for a livin?"
    "i just twirl water hoses around, pretending its a penis."

  17. Shrekkz Dadii says


  18. Trqnquility says

    can someone help me out? I masturbate often, but I have one small problem. I have to use a blanket. Weird right? I can only orgasm/climax when I rub a blanket with both of my hands on my penis. I cant use my hand. believe me, I have tried many times. It just doesnt work.
    can someone please answer? Thanks

  19. Oscar Oscar says

    umm..how do you masterbate i still dont know how i want to slap my floopy jack.

  20. *screams* CHOGIWA says

    12 times a month? yeah that's a lie.

  21. David Jimenez says

    Handy facts..

  22. Lyrics Mode says

    just to be clear.. masturbation is good/healthy? and does it make ur penis longer?

  23. Brookydix Dix says

    I'm a girl and I don't know how to masturbate. Advice?

  24. Ahl 0032 says

    2% of the undergraduated students lied

  25. Ba dum tiss says

    Only 12 times a month? I shine the shoe at least twice a day.

  26. Poshiey Ω says

    how did I get here?

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