Having A Sister: Then Vs. Now

Having A Sister: Then Vs. Now
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  1. Gabriel Delgado says

    0:32 love her outfit

  2. Indeewaree Samarasinghe says

    It made me so emotional

  3. প্রদীপা says

    My sister is my best friend! I can't imagine my life without her but she doesn't need to know that. 🤫

  4. Emily Junior says

    this really makes me feel awful
    the fact that I always had a broken family and i'll never experience any of this

  5. Parshuna Karki says

    I’m the middle child and it sucks

  6. Mary Alnmir says

    Why did the dad film them fighting?

  7. Belle Cing says

    Bruhh….. I watched this when I was younger but now that I watch it again, I knew I’ve seen Winnie before and she’s from Scarlet Heart Ryeo!!!

  8. 가차Mystic says

    This is so sweet <3
    Also 2019???

  9. w i l u n says


  10. lmao this made me cry

  11. M. says


  12. Microwave says

    One hundered percent yes this is me with my sisters

  13. Kpopismyhope 0_0 says

    Call the ambulance? Me when I get hurt

  14. Kpopismyhope 0_0 says

    I relate to tne after one LMAO

  15. Cloudy love says

    I do sure the girl 1:20 in the middle is korean actress

  16. Bias wrecker Jeon jungkook says

    I understood the Korean

  17. Victoria Huynh says

    Ohmygawd the youngest sister is the girl from Scarlet Heart Ryeo!

  18. Victoria Huynh says

    BuzzFeed used to be good 😞

  19. berryeol says

    Z.HERA!!!! I just watched moon lovers and your acting and your smile are perfect!! you guys are so pretty

  20. amal zubair says


  21. Hamiltonlover101 Poop says

    Well that escalated quickly

  22. kisses & petals says

    I started tearing up at the end, this was such a sweet and happy video

  23. alex says

    Omf I'm really emotional for some reason

  24. Typical naps says

    omg my cousin Esther is the second sister too!! and like EXACTLY like the little girl in the home videos

  25. Iu Is amazing says

    Z.Hera was the first Kpop idol to be in a buzzfeed Video

  26. Karishma Aswani says

    @0:43 the girl on the left of the screen (not at home) is actually a Korean Actress/female soloist also known as Z.Hera. She's the loveteam of Baekhyun (exo) in Scarlet Heart. 💓

  27. crabsscareme says

    This is not realistic at all!

  28. eternalblissness says

    lol, that's actually an ultrasound of the liver and right kidney, not a baby.

  29. RA chel says

    I dont know why am i crying😭😭..

  30. Rima Akter says


  31. Vivian Ria says

    Were the old videos real?

  32. Be Eri says


  33. Mayu Allyson says

    I’ve never had a sister before so I can’t relate t this

  34. Aliesha Kirwan says

    I distinctly remember much more screaming, insults and wrestling

  35. Beauty with brains says

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