HD Tutorial: iTunes 9 Account – NO CREDIT CARD

HD Tutorial: iTunes 9 Account – NO CREDIT CARD
WATCH IN HD*** Ever since the new iTunes 9 came out, I’ve gotten a few dozen people coming to me asking where to sign up for an account without using a …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. No comment for 9 years hmm

  2. E Dandridge says

    It does not work, when want to download a free app is says apple id has not been used in app store and sends right back to billing info, entered everything and it does not go pass you will not be charged etc, but it gets stuck there…..bad thing…

  3. Andrew Pelayo says

    This is really old

  4. hg0 says

    What about iTunes 11? lol

  5. Cecilio Ruiz says

    GREAT VIDEO! Really helped! Thanks! 😀

  6. Eric Crimlish says

    I've had my iPod for a few weeks and I cant get itunes on my computer and my sister has it on her lap top and i dont know how to sign out of her acount. Do you know how to sign out? Because I relly want to listen to music on the bud and in school and shit like that and i can't. Please help!

  7. amaniel chapa says

    how can i make a itunes account to buy songs from the UK!?!?!?

  8. paul andrei says

    please make 4 me a acount because i don`t have "NONE" description on payment method,please help me(mail: paullardo_5@yahoo.com)

  9. paul andrei says

    please make 4 me a acount because i don`t have "NONE" description on payment method,please help me(mail: paullardo_5@yahoo.com)

  10. oscar miranda says

    i did all the steps but still said credit card declined??

  11. JDA7610 says

    Does it work with itunes 10.1?

  12. SeasideBboy says

    Thanks for the vid kid it was very helpful but one question what about when i run out of money on the gift card

  13. Daniel Sil says

    worked, thanks 🙂

  14. Josh Kosbruk says

    @marquesbrownlee Hey i'm on my Macbook laptop computer and i was wondering if my macbook has a HD player in it. I want to buy a HD movie from itunes store and also am i able to put an HD movie on my ipod touch and watch it on my NON-HD tv with my iPod-to-TV video cable?

  15. Teresa Polino says

    thankx u rock

  16. Chris Maultsby says

    i have the same b-day as u

  17. reknakgjirk4life says

    when i click the link in me email it goes to a website and it says it can't write in the map itunes
    plz help

  18. Enrique Ebbink says

    tnx man i was struggling with this for a while now.

  19. Abreham Tesfaye says

    Thanks! I really needed the help.

  20. ari rattan says

    thanx man!!!! very helpfull

  21. Skosa Xantonio says

    ok so i click the link in my email to verify and it takes me to a paeg that says download itunes + quicktime. and i try to sign in on itunes client and it says "click OK to get instructions on how to verify your email"

    wut do i do?

  22. kawien choi says

    fack thank you i can thank you enghuof really!!!!!!

  23. yokany reyes says

    hey man this video really did help me i thought you had to put credit card information on your account but thanks to you i resolve well you resolve my problem thanks man

  24. orianarodriguez says

    you've officially brightened my day Thankx!!!!

  25. Dianthy K says

    no no no!! mine haves the version that doesnt have the none option!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS!

  26. kawien choi says

    i dont have that none button plz help and i will subscribe plzzzzzzzz

  27. shqipe ipergjakshem says

    HI guys what web browsers you have installed on your PC to work
    Safari or MOzilla PLease Tell….

  28. shongz420 says

    thank you i was having trouble with itunes 9

  29. Nikolas says

    a question? can you give me the page where you download that itunes because in mine in the option of the credit card it dont have the option of none

  30. robinhaan says

    If i been registered? than can download everything like gadgets for ipod?

  31. chivasrayada45 says

    hey can you get paid apps…..NICE VIDEO

  32. kakashi744 says

    Can i put a fake address and all that Stuff?

  33. Junbug production says

    @anthonyealyjr22 your the nerd….this guy is cool

  34. yuvalandspeed says

    I have a problem please help me!!!

    i downloaded itunes 9, it doesn't even have an app section in it's library and when i go to the movie section it just a text paper with a message that explain what you do in the movie section.

    it's just a text message!!

    what do i do please help!!

  35. bigbadstig says

    Thanks Dude! Well easy to follow…and it works even in the UK.

  36. Adrian Huneide says

    hank u so much! That "works only on a free app" comment was all I needed! THX 😉

  37. Prateek Raizada says

    Hey i dont have a none button what should i do

  38. blackwolfbrett2018 says

    thanx man

  39. Dominic jesus says

    on mine there is no none box wtf can some one help

  40. S says

    Thanks Marques.
    I'd read a couple of 'how to' articles on this but your video is so much better. Very clear and well presented. A great help.
    Thanks for taking the time!

  41. JCWonder says

    Thanks u so much for this!!!!

  42. CratosTheMighty says

    thanks man ur the best!

  43. dominic magnou says

    you are a fucking legend thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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