HD Tutorial: iTunes Visualizer

HD Tutorial: iTunes Visualizer
WATCH IN HD*** A lot of you have asked or wondered how to get the iTunes Visualizer just like something out of Windows Media Player. I apologize that it’s …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Sandu Carol says

    Someone should tag MKBHD

  2. tony kay says

    yeah but how do i put it onto my apple tv???

  3. Callum Clarke says

    His voice…

  4. Tmanstomp100 says

    Holy nut muffins that was your voice back then? we must be about the same age

  5. Vince Le says

    VERY COOL!!! Any way that the visualizer can react based on what the internal mic of the computer is picking up?  I'm trying to do a project on live visual sound.  Please help if you can. Thanks! 

  6. randomquentin says

    Wow that new microphone is really good!

  7. Film & TV says

    Great tutorial which really helped, thanks and regards.

  8. ivan arias says

    it dose let me

  9. Jordan Velasquez says

    my options is still grey :l

  10. AzekConcept says

    I dont have the Menu Bar!

  11. ipwnyorass says

    I can't access the options menu 🙁

  12. Elchapa130 says

    nice vid…..wat u use to record this luks nyc!

  13. azmirul aziz says


  14. Raul Pop says

    it's rocketdock…
    go to Google and search for it…
    it's a cool program/…
    if you don't know how to use it just search for youtube tutorials….

  15. dennisfreind says

    Well the description Outro (i think you should fix) Questions
    1.CAn it be aminoto
    2.Does it have to be homemade

  16. dennisfreind says

    i like the shoutout whats a outro?

  17. Ben Drucker says

    Rings emulating from the Apple? I think you mean emanating.

    Good video though. 😀

  18. sidekicklx1id says

    i am the first view and awsome vid dude

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