HD Tutorial: Windows 7 Calculator

HD Tutorial: Windows 7 Calculator
WATCH IN HD*** Here I’ll show you guys how and where to get the Windows 7 Calculator for Windows Vista. Sorry that this doesn’t apply to Mac users, but trust …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. straytonox149 says


  2. NathaN says


  3. Kazi Itquan Ahmed says

    hi mkbhd this is 2018

  4. R Doc says

    Great video / nice young man

  5. Local Khan says

    thank you bhaiya. ok. good

  6. Shaka Production says

    neslini qayirim

  7. Elephant says

    I sent this to bernie sanders

  8. DouglasUrantia says

    this video is useless

  9. Joshua Gibbs says


  10. Usha Kiran says

    4 years ago…..! did you know that you will be THE MKBHD then?

  11. jaiden mueangnoi says

    how do u get rid of it cause when I type it comes ups and its annoying so make a video of how to get rid of it, its takes me 15 minute to type this

  12. Rithvik Rao says

    Seems to be the first MKBHD video ever!

  13. Rithvik Rao says

    Looks to be the first MKBHD video ever!

  14. Utopia047 says

    hey 🙂
    i want a shortcut or a hotkey for the calculator plz 🙂 thx

  15. Kaaslolz says

    if I deleted it with a accident, can I get it back?

  16. Jarrod Hernandez says

    Awesome! Cool!

  17. ProGamer809 says

    @daydayakasmokey I'm talking about the accent.

  18. Veskovo Kosek says

    @hitcher809 What you want him to say? " Wasup b*tches im going to show you something kool today!" because if you think all black people say that than your an idiot

  19. stevens444 says

    its a caluclator its not that great my god

  20. Diogo Pereira says

    any version available for win XP?

  21. unwaryrince says

    Thx, I didn't know they improved the Windows calculator as I've stuck to XP for a very long time.

  22. Zed says

    srry but i'm new to this
    what is so special about win 7 calculator?

  23. ProGamer809 says

    no offense but why you dont talk like other black ppl?

  24. Christian says

    thanks very much it worked =)

  25. Christian says

    Nice tutorial:) I can access the calculator through the zipped folder, but when i drag and drop calc.exe on to my desktop then click on that it says 'windows calculator has stopped working'..any solutions? thanks for your help

  26. TutorialConr says

    Wow. I love when the blue buttons turn yellow. Its based on the MS Office theme.

  27. MagicRevealer09 says

    does it work on xp?

  28. whitecallum says

    So am i! lol
    Im waiting to upgrade from windows 7 RC build 7100, to Windows 7 Ulitimate,

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