Healthy And Hearty Soups That Will Fill You Up

Healthy And Hearty Soups That Will Fill You Up
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  1. Cxty Hippie says

    Okay I eat meat, I'm no vegan but some of you meat eaters are fucking clowns. Not every recipe needs meat. Grow the fuck up.

  2. Cxty Hippie says

    Half of these are stews… lol

  3. Joeseph Mandalay says

    in place of the dumplings in soup i like to use pierogies.

  4. Shipra Mittal says

    In india we call it sabji ( curry) which we use to eat with chapati (roti) daily.

  5. Berto Andon says

    1:18 just the soup

  6. Still Existing says


  7. James Long says

    The link to the recipes is incorrect. Where are the recipes for this vid?

  8. Meray Ghar Ka Khana says

    I love soups

  9. ohbbyitscindy says

    the link to the recipes is wrong ):

  10. Darlene Libbi says

    can I replace flourr with cornstarch? I'm gluten sensitive

  11. Isha Agrawal says

    Any replacement for wine ? And where is the salt?

  12. Sasha Gounden says

    The link for the recipes is wrong

  13. Burnt Pie says

    Does sweet potato work for the stew

  14. Tofu_GameZ Z says

    pls show me how to make chicken cream soup pls :DDD

  15. Mr. Nose says

    I tried the second soup . I guarantee, it tastes sooo good👍👍

  16. Andrew martinez says

    YOOOOOO!! The link to the recipe is showing an entirely different soup recipe from the video

  17. Marry aoalwldkdmwäw says

    When the Person added the potatoes to the first soup I was like "stop, these are red apples" and then I noticed that these are potatoes… 🙄

  18. trplblsd says

    Unless I missed something I haven't seen anyone make my fave… Minestrone!

  19. Stephini Jars says


  20. AmberRenee says

    For the chickpeas and sweet potato soup, the coconut oil isn't good for you. It is a solid fat at room temp making it hydrogenated and has trans fat.

  21. You cant beat K says

    Won't fill me up.

  22. StarrBunnyArt says

    Why not Minestrone? That's a filling soup, and is all veggies.

  23. Melodie Tanner says

    Okay question: what is sweet paprika?

  24. Matheus Cayres says

    Why you use flour on everything?

  25. I like your channel very much

  26. blaueblume22 says

    are those really potatoes at 0,36? it looks like apple

  27. Frxst says

    It warms ma heart

  28. Rida's kitchen says

    Yummy 😋😋😋

  29. Jennifer says

    where the meat tho

  30. Geetha Kasibhatla says

    Yay more vegetarian stuff!! Thanks Tasty!

  31. Ze Moch says

    Is the wine in the first recipe important? If so, does anyone know of a non alcoholic alternative to use?

  32. Jitka Szabó says

    lol so no meat + a shitton of flour is supposed to be healthy now? nice bit of vegan propaganda there

  33. Whats Cooking says

    Hello Everyone 🙂

  34. Save a tree….kill a vegan today.

  35. SteacyJ says

    Certi accostamenti nemmeno mi verrebbero in mente…
    Che schifo!!

  36. Ioanna Papatzanaki says

    Looks delicious

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