Healthy & Hearty Black Bean Soup • Tasty

Healthy & Hearty Black Bean Soup • Tasty
You spoke, we listened! We’ve partnered with Cuisinart to launch a line of kitchen electrics in an array of colors including our favorite hue – Tasty blue!!! Stir, chop …

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  1. Perihan Gamze says

    I love how that hand pours the ingredients, that move dude swoosh

  2. Koloterorita WekWok says

    oh please, do people immature people can access youtube for only arguing each other… this is food's channel… and FOOD IS LOVE!… stop spreading hates and just say love things.. this is not your kindergarten, grow up kids

  3. Anita Erickson says

    This black beans is in no way done, it takes 1-2 hours for black beans to fully cook.

  4. It's a Bunnay says

    Could u do butternut squash or pumpkin soup 🤤

  5. I just made this. It was really good but I used half of a jalapeño and still found it pretty spicy… I will use less next time. Otherwise very good!

  6. ytbillybob says

    No recipe? Did I miss it in the plethora of links above? Wonderful recipe I'd like to print and stash but you want to sell me kitchen gadgets and send me to social media (BAH HUMBUG)? Recent subscriber but perhaps not for long. Please tell me I missed the recipe link!

  7. N says

    This is wrong . All wrong. here.

  8. Arpi Nazari says

    Wooow I AM SOOO IN SHOCK! NO CHEDDAR CHEESE? Finally a real recipe

  9. Naufal Nurqais says

    De Javu i ve seen this video before

  10. Steve Logan says

    Very nice recipe, quick, easy, healthy, looks tasty, i like that you stick blended 1/2 the pot to make it more of a soup than a stew type texture. A boneless/ skinless chix breast or thigh diced up with some of the cumin sprinkled on & sauted in a separate pan in a tsp. of olive oil til cooked through & added to the finished soup would be nice also.

  11. Sanjeev N says

    It looks more porridge than soup!

  12. Mrs. C says

    This repost is for subs who are a year late like me! 😁😁

  13. Paola Zuniga says

    Wish everyone liking this video actually tried authentic black bean soup, your world would literally change. Feels weird adding celery and carrot 🙁

  14. BlissBreeze S says

    Who else though Justin Wang (the guy with a heart healthy cookbook) would be in here?

  15. Juan Ortiz says

    Esas caraotas tan burda de raras causa

  16. Vee says

    Will make this tomorrow!! 😍

  17. juniormmmm says

    I would have blended in the pot so that I wouldn't have to scrape the measuring cup.

  18. kavmanproductions says

    So vegan feijoada???

  19. Chop Happy says

    That soup looks so yummy! I would love to make that on my channel

  20. Ishika Shah says

    This is like black dal, which is an Indian dish.

  21. gio liparteliani says

    we call this lobio in my country, its a traditional dish

  22. Lumos Maxima says

    stupid looking girl: then why trevor why did you just walk out on me why!!?

    stupid looking guy: I didn’t want to sleep with you
    stupid looking crowd: 😱

  23. Hello Smith says

    More Health Benefits Of Eating Bananas!!

  24. DAPUR ANA says

    I love healhty food

  25. Chingum Kumar says

    stolen the mother recipe and made it into a slimy paste.

  26. Chingum Kumar says

    basically this is Indian dal.

  27. pansik 88 says

    1:06 so white people won't trip about saying, "there is a leaf on my food I'm going to report it."

  28. Xyxser says

    Bone Apple Teeth

  29. Farzana Owaisi says


  30. Alvin Zhou says

    That was really fun to make.

  31. Jessi0_o says

    My mum makes the best, it’s called frijoles

  32. RANCE TV says


  33. Yuvraj Sharma says

    Please Make Giant Hot Chocolate With Giant Marshmallows for Christmas 🎅🎄

  34. Manjula Ravi says

    Rie is mad

  35. Weetabigs says

    Domestic geek is better

  36. Rumaisa's Kitchen says

    Awesome ❤️

  37. Prof Chaos says

    Are the beans precooked/canned or what?

  38. HyborianAge says

    Beans are not healthy for you.

  39. Daily Saturday says

    Why am I obsessed with watching tasty videos when I'm starving and have no intention on actually making any of this

  40. Darren Elliot says


  41. Tarah Eff says

    You should make a place I can screen shot the recipe for grocery shopping and during cooking

  42. Marcelo Mancia says

    En El Salvador tragamos sopa de frijoles casi diario no manchen

  43. Kuka Weber says


  44. Gren says

    i make black bean soup using dried beans instead, also with adobo chipotles and rotel tomatoes, but otherwise it's about the same

  45. Delicious and tasty

  46. Eleni Loo says

    I notice when you add too much cumin the dish ends up tasting bitter, if I’m doing something wrong let me know 😂

  47. 6bUt3L Ut7u7 says

    And it’s also vegan 👀

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