Healthy & Hearty Black Bean Soup

Healthy & Hearty Black Bean Soup
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  1. Daisy Babies says

    Hi great recipe and thanks for the great sharing

  2. Area Gent says

    This would be just as good without the blending.

  3. RedMarlin49 says

    I tried it and tastes really goood haha new fav soup

  4. Adile Çevik says


  5. Stacey Shpaner says

    I actually made this and it was amazing. I skipped adding the jalapeño and I reduced the ground pepper by half… and it turned out AMAZING! The feta cheese and avocado made amazing toppings. Tasty knows what they are talking about!

  6. Bao-Zhi Polyglot says

    That looks like poop, but it looks really tasty.

  7. Koyas Uddin says

    Bodybuilders can use this recipe for a clean source of protein.

  8. Sturgeon says


  9. jasonalfordjaa1974 says

    Just made this, it taste great!

  10. Kim's Dragons & Fairy Tales says

    Nice. But I still prefer Jamie's black beans soup. (Oliver)

  11. Alison Ely says

    ive made this twice but its been a while so it took me like 15 mins to find the recipe again online today, so thankful cause this soup really is amazing and filling, so much more to its wonderfulness than meets the eye, im not even a vegetarian. side note- the ending with garnishes- the avocado, cojita cheese, and cilantro- are definitely an important part of the formula, its soooo fucking good!!!!

  12. Em L. says

    Sooooo goood!

  13. Yolette SaintPreux says

    My mom makes this all the time. It's a caribbean recipe.

  14. ludah says

    Btw– I made this and it is DELICIOUS!! My biggest piece of advice: make sure you reduce the liquid enough (via boiling), or else it is just a normal soup. Once it gets thicker after boiling down for a bit, it becomes even better! So good, I am def making this again 🙂

  15. Sylvie Seo says

    Making this today!

  16. Dax G says

    This sounds fantastic, but is it possible to omit the onion or replace it with something else? 2 cups is a significant amount and I can't eat them. 🙈

  17. David Basurto says

    It would be nice if you put how many calories are in every recipe you post.

  18. la mer verte says

    It seems ugly

  19. druidboy76 says

    Mm. Ass mucus squirt into a bowl.

  20. sunny B says

    black beans anything=vomit vomit vomit

  21. awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf says


  22. MyNameIsNotImportant says

    Where's the sour cream and salsa?

  23. Wafa Al Sikri says

    most likely Egypation dish it's called foul

  24. Pete &Pete says

    jk I'd eat it just needs ham or bacon and tortilla chips

  25. Pete &Pete says

    what is this diarrhea soup

  26. Jenny Hou says

    I just tried making this and it turned out pretty good! The only thing is that it wasn't too flavorful for me because I didn't have any bay leaves or cumin, but it'll probably have more flavor if you got those. Still not bad though!

  27. mythirdchannel says

    is it just me or did Tasty discover what Cumin is this month? 😛

  28. daniel cervantes says

    all the ingredients that make my ass itch.

  29. Rumpel Stilzchen says

    Does anyone know a good cooking channel with metric?

  30. Gibby Dooglas says

    fuck outta here with this diarrhea looking shit

  31. Eshal Fatima says

    Sometimes you just see same people commenting on different tasty videos.

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