Healthy Holiday Leftovers Recipes • Tasty

Healthy Holiday Leftovers Recipes • Tasty
Still figuring out what to do with your holiday leftovers? Follow these healthy recipes to make the most out of them! Find all the recipes here: …

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  1. I'm like the only one that came to comment this and I was from Ryland's recent vid😂okei bye I'm not even gonna watch it,just came to comment this cos I wanted to

  2. TomboyJessie13 says

    I'm going for the smoothie

  3. Deus likes stuff says

    They .ade puzza tacos and my family made them abd there's delicious

  4. Muhanad Khleifat says

    Hey guys, I’ve been making cooking videos for 2 years now and I’m working very hard. If you can please take 5 minutes to watch my one of my videos it would be appreciated very much.

    Thanks, Muhanad Khleifat

  5. Birtycle 204 says

    Yeah i surely have leftover everything

  6. Nehwon Wondor says

    I've Never Tried a Healthy Smoothie Before… It's Delicious for Winter Holiday.

  7. sharon anderson says

    None of this looks appetizing.

  8. A D says

    Well guess thats something u gotta save for Christmas 2019

  9. Jason Arellano says

    Looks like something the dorfmans from iCarly would eat🤢

  10. Chantel says

    100% sure speaking for myself, and like 98% sure speaking for everyone else. Holiday left overs are either eaten, or in the trash already lol

  11. i’mlatinoiswear says

    I kind of blender do you use

  12. GliturKat says

    I don't think I want the leftovers after this long

  13. Kennedi Artrip says

    Please make more healthy videos I really need to eat healthy it’s just so hard

  14. everything great says

    make I draw you cook

  15. Katy Baking Sweets says

    Late but still top video 🙂

  16. C Greeve says

    make more behind the tasty

  17. Seyoum Mareno says

    Could u guys do a I draw you cook vid plz they r just so fun to watch

  18. joyeeta saha says

    Was just eating creamy broccoli soup when saw this vid anyways my soup was better

  19. Saskia Armano says

    Because of Tasty, at 17 years i can finally cook🥰

  20. maheswari keerthika says

    Who are all frm 2019..anybody frm means hit the like..👇

    Ok Im going to like myself..😞..
    Thq all of them who r all like my cmt..😊😊😊

  21. Bettye's Cooking Channel says

    Great ideas for holiday leftovers.

  22. xyz1273 says

    Insert excuse me what the fuck

  23. Girijaramana P says

    My fav tasty was best u tube channel of all


    I really like TøP.

  25. Amalia says

    1:11 : bakwan

  26. Saikurios says

    Dont lie to me, i know there's a ramekin in that soup

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