Hearty Whole Roasted Chicken • Tasty

Hearty Whole Roasted Chicken • Tasty
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  1. C h r i s t i n a xoxo says

    When you see the portions normal people eat lol , literally the men in my family eat like horses 🤣

  2. adam young says

    1 hour for a whole chicken? Unless you like it medium rare. Spatchcock the chicken to get maximum crispy skin and faster cooking time.

  3. cyoohoos says

    One big commercial

  4. Jonathan Dominguez says

    For some reason I thought this was a turkey recipe 😂

  5. reina Gomez says

    It’s used to say rosted 😂 😂

  6. Vawnson says

    I see 4 hands with cups but only 3 plates…. hmmmmmm

  7. Narwhalblast 99 says

    Basically advertising their own product, hope they won’t do it to often

  8. RT Bluez says

    My two favorites brands combined in one, Tasty and McCormic


    Yummy! Who's hungry while watching this video? 🙂

  10. Frank Mlchael Glasscock says

    Not good OK

  11. Jayjay2961 says

    I would've spread the butter mixture under the skin as well as on the outside…. but maybe that's just me

  12. MXR Scythe on Mixer says

    Can you make a video on a healthy or healthier version of chicken wings?

  13. Nadd says
  14. courtney wilson says

    Ohh yeeea. 😎

  15. Cheeser Craft says

    I love me some “rosted” chicken.

  16. mariah deyana says

    This was by far one of the most pointless recipes ever.

  17. Abhishek Kalra says

    Are tasty mix packs available in India(New Delhi) ?

  18. Nikka 212004 says


  19. Edna says


  20. Yourworstnightmare Ever says

    imagine Tasty did that as is to a whole cow or pig 😱

  21. Gtg 9 says

    Well after 1 to 2 years will be available in my country (

  22. soner says

    Fod porn with pornmusic

  23. Bia Jon says

    Just came to laugh at it saying R O S T E D

  24. Rajeswari Ghosh says


  25. Alvin Govender says

    The most flavorful skin with the blandest meat. This is just an ad to sell your products

  26. Shawnalee Whitney says

    Disappointed that this was an ad that wasn't labeled as such. I think Marcella Hazan's "chicken with two lemons" roasted atop some veggies (potatoes, carrots, etc.) is the way to go if you want a juicy, delicious, and easy roast chicken.

  27. each sold sepreatly says


  28. Sway C says

    Is it ok to dry brine a chicken?

  29. Dillon Rohrer says

    Is the skin crispy enough for ya

  30. Mурат Borisovich says

    Delicious 👍
    Followme ⛄

  31. Khánh High Wind says

    So tasty! 😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Hiya Itsme says

    How did they know I was looking for a rosted chicken recipe?

  33. rudeboymon says

    That looks easy and it has no 🧀. Its a Thanksgiving tasty miracle

  34. Nayan Seetharam says

    Tasty Editors – November 2019 “Rosted”
    A quote that will live in history…

  35. Jayson Warner says

    Oh yes I love me some rosted chicken

  36. Jaqui Sanchez-Armendariz says

    Tried this recipe tonight and my chicken did not cook in the hour that was recommended. I had to add an hour to the cooking time.

  37. Cheerish Bradshaw says

    Can you use this recipe for turkey?

  38. Moses Amba says

    Why have the garlic, onion, bell pepper and not use it???? Ain't nobody want no pesto chicken… 🤦🏾‍♂️

  39. Gabriel Moline says

    1:09. All I could think of is, rice.

  40. Gabriel Moline says

    I object to this, cuz, it’s too much. When a full chicken, with the means to salt, pepper and an oven that can reach temperature of four hundred can be achieved…sorry, I’m just having an existential deal with food(especially animal) My bad. Just, chicken already taste really good. How much better could it taste with butter. Never mind, I pair chicken with cheese all the time. I am an idiot. I was wrong. I’m gunna post this just as an example of how thinking can change.

  41. Sanjeewa Gamage says
  42. Trevor Lewis says

    I just ate some chicken

  43. Manny Ramos says

    Giving us chicken recipes when it should've been turkey, the hell

  44. Maria Casella says

    Where can I buy the season packet?

  45. Hassan Mahone says

    Who’s Been A Fan Of Tasty before 2019???

    👇🏽Gifting My Next 100 Loyal Sußś 🥰

  46. me me says

    Look what they did to the poor chicken 😭 🐔

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