Hearty Winter Salads With Zero Lettuce • Tasty

Hearty Winter Salads With Zero Lettuce • Tasty
Why does lettuce always get to be the star of the salad show? These four hearty winter salads are downright delicious, all without a single leaf of lettuce!

Source Tasty
  1. Joy Rowan Casey says

    What the hecky dizzle is farro?

  2. Leslie Reynoso says

    I can’t this all looks too good

  3. CasiAnn Junio says

    These are great recipes for winter, will give them a try.

  4. Paisley Giger says

    The music got me going🎶🎶🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎶🎵🎵🎶🎵

  5. Jennifer Brooke says

    looks very yummy.

  6. Punjab Kitchen Secrets says

    Very Nice

  7. somebody you know says

    If you have to cook it, is it really a salad? 🤔

  8. Cake Junkie says

    your video so nice

  9. WolfDC says

    Boo we need more Alvin 😭

  10. tmc che says

    Looks great, bet they taste good, too many carbs, so sad.

  11. Anoushka Arun says

    Feels good when you’re when of the first few people to comment

  12. twsx says

    None of those are salads.

  13. Carolina Vélez Serna says

    Why is everything hearty now?

  14. Luna Lovegood says

    Calling all soccer moms
    I repeat, calling all soccer moms

  15. Santi12007 says

    Fix the title, talk about what you have

  16. Futaloli says

    Seems fun I guess

  17. Khadijah kik says

    Gunno comment on the actual video rather than comment 1st 2nd 3rd -_-
    The salads look good ^^ now im hungry

  18. Bethany Sieker says

    Food is good and food is good

  19. TheDarknessComesForYou says


  20. Megan istheespookystalli says

    This the type of food a soccer mom with 3 kids would make

  21. *-Behehi-* says

    9th viewer that's gonna drown underneath these comments :')

  22. Dj Rico says

    Never gonna make, too much cals

  23. Dj Rico says


  24. Santana Cross says

    I watch these like I’m gonna actually make these but In reality I’m not 😂

  25. Rust Bloody A4Tech says

    5th comment yeey

  26. ARMYPIGS123 says

    hoi second sad…

  27. Legendary _Light says


  28. FaZe Roblox says

    it says no views yet

  29. FaZe Roblox says


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