Hilarious People Trying to Sell THE WORST Things

Hilarious People Trying to Sell THE WORST Things
Hilarious People Trying to Sell THE WORST Things SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome …

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  1. Josie WRIGLEY says

    Only smart people can find the 😃. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  2. I don’t care how many puns you tell I still love you the same also genius puns

  3. Blue Diamond says

    sorry for being a pervert but Azzy do u wear a bra?

  4. scarlet eloise says

    Btw £20 is allooot of money lmao

  5. famiglia felice Godii says

    Did Azzy forgot to draw one eyebrow?😂

    Tot from England my English is bad

    Stil live you Azzyyy

  6. Lily Huygaerts says

    My dad has the same painting! I think that's hilarious! the starry night

  7. Eisley Aceves-Amaya says

    Hate too say it but Azzy Your EYEBROW THE LEFT ONE IT IS NOT FINISHED.

  8. Donna Briggs says

    Your a pencil
    Azzy is a highlighter
    You draw the world
    And Azzy makes it brighter

  9. Liz C says

    She films from a different place every time

  10. Marilyn Forever says

    Well I used my cousin underwear and haven’t returned them back yet

  11. Makayla Bussey says

    2:50 once my mom took my brothers old underwear and put it in our garage sale and they sold instantly and an old grandma bought it for her grandson… poor kid…

  12. Kittykali _gachalife says

    Roses are red violets are blue so in the like button because I liked it and you should too!

  13. Cupcake360 I luv Cupcakes says

    And then there’s me who sells wax tarts on Instagram XD

  14. Louisa 40 says

    Love your hair

  15. Katie Davey says

    Who would even want to think about eating underwear

  16. Selene Salazar says

    I share my underwire with my little cousin

  17. wolf wolf Fluff says

    You’re lucky you get free sunglasses not to be rude they are your eyelashes

  18. I am Kerchoo says

    Azzy: someone’s gonna pay $500 for a diseased chair


    Everyone else: …

  19. Maudie HB says

    for the tanning beds yeah spray tans and tanning bed tans are ok but what about a nice fresh go outside tan. (also I know this is a year and two months late but I had t say it.

  20. Darkened Soul says

    Uhh, wow, I've SEE the original Starry Night, and last I saw it was in France, soooo…. Don't know who THAT person thought they were kidding.

  21. Petra Milic says

    what's up with the eyebrows 😂😂😂❤️

  22. Grace Sturgiss says

    4:22 if you look very closely on the word that says ‘condition’ it actually says ‘ccondition’

  23. Glitterbutt says

    Azzy: Or get some PANTS
    Me: starts screaming the pants song from Be More Chill

  24. Ava Taimetua ! says

    Check it before they reck it

    Edit:Sorry about spelling mistakes

  25. Angela Sings says


  26. Saffron Watts says

    Btw £20 is expensive!

  27. Charmander Gaming says


  28. Bobby Tenney says

    No it will not happen

  29. Charlotte Campbell says

    Azzy did you only do one of your eyebrows again?

  30. Layla Woods says

    I live in Australia and it is winter and freezing

    In some places it is snowing 🌨
    You are wrong

  31. Rosie Inverarity says

    The moment you realise you have the same bedding as Azzyland

  32. Puppy Lover says

    With the tv guy it said smh and I thought it meant so much hate lol

  33. Cali's channel says

    4:55 well at least they told the peeps abt what happend instead of saying nope its yo prablem now so u can find out what happens..

  34. NICKY Gameplayer says

    nice eyebrows just kidding girl problems

  35. NICKY Gameplayer says

    who watching this in 2019

  36. Judith Henri says

    i have that blue computer

  37. XxDragøn WølfxX says

    F***g don’t buy things of Facebook there f***g scammers

  38. Jonathan Andal says


  39. Bearlove Gacha says

    we don’t have snow in australia

  40. ღ MajesticBecca ღ says

    Roses are red
    Violets are violet
    Rhyming is hard
    I'm batman

  41. OffStagePanda Gatcha says

    omg in 8:59 I just realized that I have a similar laptop but mines 360 stream and touch screen but the same colour and brand.

  42. Lauren Barthelson says

    Roses r red viliots r blue how many of u
    Roses r red vilots r to who did a poo!
    1 like makes Milly happy and smart 😄

  43. Kristy Metcalf says


  44. Awesome Content says

    People keep saying, ur asking for likes, well obviously they are why else would they be commenting lol

  45. Puppy Catastrophe says

    Who here in 2019

  46. Jacqueline sandiford says

    Snow man elbow had me laughing 😆

  47. Jules Huffman says

    Roses are red Violets are blue We all love you if you like this comment the like button will turn blue and I will like your comment/reply too

  48. Bubs Jenkins says

    👃 Hello! If you like Bublair plz like 👇👍

  49. Brealeigh Reed says

    Azzy can you do a q and a PLEASE

  50. Zara Kadian says

    i love azzylaaaaaaaaand

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