Hilarious TEACHER – PARENT – STUDENT notes!

Hilarious TEACHER – PARENT – STUDENT notes!
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  1. mariam othman says

    who likes their comments

  2. UncagedAura Gaming says

    Mr. and Mrs. Walker
    Ther will be no scool this wek so Collin can stay home and play video games.
    From Mrs. Teage
    I am the techer!!

  3. JuStiNsEaGulL INFIRESMAN_97 says

    I'm all alone in my room then her boyfriend came in I started screaming before she did…😅🤣😂my heart jumped soooo hard…🤣😂😅

  4. wc17000 says


  5. I do eat the crust. But I eat the crust first.
    Let’s be honest, why would you eat the yummiest part first?

  6. Art Bee says

    I like eating chapstick(only if their fruit flavoured :3)

    I’m weird XD

  7. Lin Gabrielle Sor says

    azzy not every school has a cafatira even my school dont have a cafatira

  8. Pinksepticeye says

    When I was little me and my twin sister switched classes teachers couldn't tell us apart took all day for the teachers to realize that we switched

  9. Lilliana Vaccaro-Blaskiewicz says


    well I did that and the boy was throwing up while I ate it 😏

  10. ii_Cloudy_Love_ii says

    Like about….5 years ago I used to sneak in the bathroom and lick my moms chapstick because it tasted like fruit 😂

  11. Daine do PVP says

    She has a boyfriend don't do that
    Me: take a chill pill im 13 & a girl

  12. Katie Ortowski says

    The slash means and or or

  13. Kiera Eclipse says


  14. At like 10:36 about the hand writing it’s better than mine and Im twelve the hecc and its not ok to bite meh friends well crap

  15. Sierra Smith says

    King cake is a type of cake usually eaten around mardi gras i dont know if they eat it in the north but it is pretty common in the south

  16. Hannah Bennett says

    Its funny because azzy was saying how Chapstick is gross but when I was little my little course gave me Chapstick for my birthday present and when I walked away she ate all of my Chapstick

  17. Anne Verdier says

    "When it scared you I laughed"-Me

  18. Lucille Gabert says

    I eat brie cheese and I am only 10

  19. Cacahuete Banane says


  20. Cacahuete Banane says


  21. *CaMiCo0Kie* says


  22. *CaMiCo0Kie* says

    8/18 was the date 😂

  23. LifeWithamiayh ! says

    0-0 uhmmmmmm


  24. Saajid Gilani says

    Okay but M&M’s and lunchables are like the best lunch EVER, ur lucky

  25. Cookiezp :3 says
  26. Kaycie May Blyth says

    Jordi was adorable when he came in lol

  27. Stella Sims says

    I tried to make my brother bald once so I thought of a note a teacher would make it it was at school

    Note: Your daughter got scissors and well.. she tried to make her brother bald… I asked her why and she said "It was the only hair cut I knew how to do "… I'm so sorry

  28. Vampire Girl says

    Bad Jordi! Scaring your girl is not cool.

  29. •{HoneyLuv}• says

    If Yuo cen Raed Thris yuo are A gienus aocrodnig to resrach at Cmabirdge Unevirtsy it dsoent mttaer how a wrod is seplt it olny mttaers taht the frist and lsat ltteer are in the rghit palce. Aamzing Huh? And I tought sepllnig was imorptant. Olny 80% of poeple cwn raed tihs.

  30. Willow Hyde says

    2019 anyone

  31. Icy wolf Gacha productions says

    11:31 you have a computer but you can’t use email

  32. Piggy Lover says

    When ever my teachers like u and her go sit in the hall I’m like ur dumb u just sent me and my friend outside to talk even more and also I don’t have to listen

  33. Galaxy Girl says

    I think Roddy has turrets

  34. Adeline Piehl says

    when I was little I had this scented ChapStick and I would eat it

  35. Intro Commissions says

    I don't really like dresses

  36. NEWSDAY NEWS says

    Who else saw the subway

  37. The 2nd one I did in preschool

  38. Olivia Taylor says

    Azzy you are the best and I know you are not gonna read this but can you do another reading comments

  39. Robert Vasquez says

    My teacher is ms.v.jones

  40. Lerina Fosker says

    Azzy I don't want to be rude but at 7:51 it looks like your a zombie

  41. jam sharer says

    I am a hanzo main

  42. XxSunset StarsxX says

    I only eat some crust

  43. Calico Bailey says

    I eat the crust

  44. Summer Hart says

    Yes the crust is delicious

  45. Apple _Rxse says

    I screamed when I saw jordi come in

  46. Porshia Cate says

    Jordy:hi i luv you

  47. Tracy Burke says

    I only eat the crust if its stuffed or theres this chocolate pizza ill eat the crust on that! (mostly because its chocolate)

  48. Emily Laslett says

    I accidentally called my teacher a swear word in front of the entire class…. he promised not to tell my mom I am so thankful but don’t regret my actions

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