Holiday Plating Techniques • Tasty

Holiday Plating Techniques • Tasty
Serve up your food in style this holiday season with these holiday plating techniques. Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to …

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  1. wonder world says

    This seems like a christmas video, rather than thanksgiving.

  2. greatboniwanker says

    Where's the pie, Man

  3. Mariana Muñoz Támola says

    Not all the world celebrate christmas on winter…..I hope one day someone could make something for a summer holiday.

  4. Nic Andrews says

    More plateing videos please.

  5. Dusk Bringer says

    Good lord, how rich do you think we are? That many fresh herbs are going to cost an absolute fortune!

  6. J Bohichik says

    Wtf is that “pie” i

  7. Cooking Mama says

    Oh Yessss ! I’ll be using a lot of these suggestions on my dinner table🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Nuzhat Subha says

    Dishes you never think you'd make instead of dreaming about while having Pringles :'3

  9. Jennifer Stokes says

    That vertical view bullshit is the worst.

  10. You’veGotToBeKiddingMe says

    Very groovy music

  11. briannant says

    This plating is beyond me. I can barely keep up. lol -B

  12. Lola Bunny says

    My great aunts and great grandma would decorate her home and her candy platters like that…. I miss my great grandma. 😢

  13. انا والشيف says

    لكل من يرى تعليقى
    القى نظرة 👀 ع قناتى وان لم تعجبك👎🏻
    فلا تشترك
    وان اعجبتك👍🏻 فضغط ع اشتراك وفعل الجرس

  14. jeonghoon choi says


  15. Элизабет K says

    Lovely. 🥰

  16. JK Stevens says

    That ham looked like Jabba the Hut to me. 😀

  17. MAN VS WORLD says

    Please support and subcribe

  18. MAN VS WORLD says

    Please support my channel friends

  19. Sam Alloy says

    I have never been angrier at any food video- and that’s saying something- than I am right now at that crime of a dessert.

    That’s something you get for twenty-two dollars at a fancy restaurant once and regret for the rest of your life.

  20. Davontae Wells says

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and the Happy New

  21. Ciara S says

    Super great looking plates! Although, can anyone else relate this? while watching on mobile I frequently have the issue of the suggested videos popping up along the top of the screen and blocking the ingredient names, which are usually only shown for a few moments and having to swipe away the video ad and rewind is annoying 🙄🙄 does anyone else have this issue or just me?

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