Homemade Dumplings 3 Ways

Homemade Dumplings 3 Ways
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  1. SmithsnMoz says

    Does it work with soup dumplings?

  2. coconutjoonie says

    Can u boil these type of dumplings instead of steaming them in a pan?

  3. Jay Nemade says

    Can you use whole wheat flour

  4. sara last says

    do u add cornstarch to shrimp recipe

  5. Monia says

    P I E R O G I?!?!
    P I E R O G I?!?

  6. Blah Blah says

    I was here seeing if they made red bean dumplings 😭

  7. Nari Royer says

    I just made these for the first time for my boyfriend and his family and they really like it. Thanks tasty you guys have the easiest to follow recipes online 🤗

  8. QueenShād says

    Where’s the oyster sauce?

  9. Abhey Gupta says

    Who eats the momos with soy sauce??

  10. Deepak Passwan says

    Can I use simple vinegar

  11. peanutbutter and jelly says

    Try Afghan way of dumplings called mantu. It's really gooood

  12. Kaitlyn B says

    My aunt used to sell dumplings but she didn’t give me free I had to buy those

  13. Fallen Angel says

    When you watch Tasty videos 24/7 but you can’t afford the ingredients because you’re in budget so you just stick to watching instead of cooking everything displayed in every video. 😩

  14. BigHeadMag says

    Chicken dumplings/potstickers are my favorite thing

  15. Nathasha Nirwamalie says

    It never came as a dumpling at last.. but a smashed up rotti 😕

  16. Theatre Berries says

    This asian approves

  17. K S says

    Rie is that you

  18. Samikshya Poudel says

    Wow 😁😁😍

  19. Rim of the world is the best says

    I just tried this, and I like these dumplings more than takeaway ones!😀

  20. LiNkViSiON says

    What kind of flour?

  21. Wiltrud Friesch says

    These are no dumplings, it's pasta. It's a filled noodle/ pasta- dough. Similar to Ravioli, Tortellini or Maultaschen. Dumplings are "Knödel", isn't it? So you should show something like Semelknödel, Kartoffelknödel, Marillenknödel, Dampfnudeln, etc.

  22. Agung Rizki says

    For non haram ingredient u can replace pork with chicken or beef

  23. Redsoul _ says

    Do we have to put mushrooms

  24. Lalruat Feli says

    How many minutes need to steam??

  25. Asra Ansari says

    What flour to use

  26. Hunson Stride says

    this recipe tasted really bad and bitter

  27. Brian the Trainer says

    Can you guys make steamed dumplings

  28. teen g says

    This reminds me of that old game "Cooking Mama." I remember making these and for whatever reason especially the water in it to close part haha

  29. lucy waltz says

    Nope tried that didnt work why is it so hard to make it circle and as flat as possible

  30. Patrick Flores says

    My focus is on the band aid on the hand, not on the dumplings.

  31. ivan vani says

    I'm thinking Pizza gyoza from tmnt 2012😅

  32. Peggie Brown says

    Lol it's not how you make it!!😂😂

  33. Areen Khan says

    It,s also called momo

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