Homemade Oreos

Homemade Oreos
FULL RECIPES: https://tasty.co/recipe/homemade-oreos Here is what you’ll need! HOMEMADE OREOS Makes about 40 sandwich cookies INGREDIENTS …

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  1. AnimaToon! says

    How to make homemade Oreos:
    Step 1: Buy it.
    Step 2: Twist it.
    Step 3: Lick it.
    Step 4: Dunk it in milk
    Step 5: Eat it.
    Step 6: Bop it.

  2. YSWG1 says

    Oreos are vegan wtf have u done

  3. Peter Twiss says

    You’re ingredient and directions do not list salt for the cookie portion but the video does, what do I do?

  4. Super SxM says

    Ik this is stupid but can I use regular cocoa powder?

  5. Ike Specht says

    cookies n crème

  6. Youk Tan says

    its oreo magarons!!!

  7. Daniel Philips says

    I’m really digging the part where they use the glass to cut out the cookie

  8. Pixel Wolf says

    Man that's a lot of butter

  9. Aryana Spatafora says

    Does the homemade filling taste like actual Oreo filling🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. Cynthia Vigil says

    Making these…. I'll update

    Edit 1: just made the dough…it's a but bitter for my taste, but maybe it will bake out🤷‍♀️

    Edit: 2 the dough rose a little bit in the oven but not to much

    Edit 3: made the frosting, it's a little sweet for my liking

    Edit for: the cookie altogether Is okay, I would cut down on the coco powder and powdered sugar in the recipe

    Overall: these are not much like an oreo the title " sandwich cookie" fits well. I would not make these again unless I was super bored because it took way to long. For the most part though the cookie itself was like a 7/10 😂🤷‍♀️

  11. CupcakieRose says

    Oreo is a rip-off of Hydrox

  12. Sirius Black says

    Like si vienes por Gus

  13. Pepp Wahlén says

    These are sooo good but you need at least two sets of the stuffing and like 4 hours to sit and make these

    but it's definitely worth it

  14. Wearemadrid says

    Soo much harder than it looks I made it

  15. Makaila Burlingame says

    it looks good

  16. Muffin Monster says


  17. Isabela Delgado says

    do i use salted or unsalted butter

  18. Maryam Alam says

    this ain’t got nothin on Claire Saffitz tho

  19. Yaas Kween says

    They finally said oreos lol yeesss😂

  20. my banana 우유 says

    Lmao, this did not end well for me….


    'Oreos are vegan' buzzfeed says in your food is a lie video

  22. Katelyn Ward says

    More people should try this

  23. Jkksksksowk9028 says

    Claire Saffitz has entered the chat

  24. Gabrielė Mac says

    I just came for the filling

  25. Agustina Cejas says

    Que harina usaste?

  26. Baka says

    I made them. The frosting tastes too much like vanilla and the sugar separated than the flavours together. Also the cookie is bland and bitter and way too crumbly. I changed the recipe a bit and I like how it came out. I added a small amount of vanilla and extra cocoa powder to the cookie. Helps with the flavour but not really with how crumbly it is. I also added some cream cheese to the frosting which made it taste really good. I really don't know exact measurements though, I kind of just eyeballed it.

  27. Alexi says

    I only came here to make the Oreo cream and eat nothing on it except the cream

  28. Arc Trooper Rod 269 says


  29. Marina Pacheco says

    Well those are not oreos, Oreos are vegan so they don't have eggs

  30. Kletfa Hosungnoen says

    Oreo is actually vegan but you put eggs in the mix bowl ?

  31. killersnake 663 says

    You made oreos now make a giant oreo

  32. Michael Ortega says

    and then i would deepfried them to make them warm and crispy

  33. Mahmoud Magdy says

    Very nice 👌🏻👌🏻

  34. Lemon Daddy says

    They look like macarons

  35. Meli Gonzalez says

    like si viniste aca por Gus

  36. Lour says

    Hi guys! If you don´t know if this recipe really works… The answer is totally yes! I made them with this recipe and the are totally delicious! And healthier than the Oreos that we buy! So.. If you wanna try this recipe do it! You will not regret

  37. Adriana Perezz says

    Um excuse me but who tf “scoops” milk?

  38. Violette Stuff says

    Omg i am an oreo lover

  39. K K says

    Now make Hydrox cookies.

  40. Dandelion Sky says

    I don’t like the cream in Oreos, so I’m only making the chocolate cookies 😂

  41. Yo girl Grace says

    I just want to know how to make the cream 😋

  42. CoolMediaz says

    Can I use vanilla extract instead of vanilla?

  43. Fevric J Glandules says

    Stop buying Oreos because they have Palm oil in and they are killing orangutans (also talking to you people in he comments)

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