Honest Single Parent Confessions

Honest Single Parent Confessions
“My daughter made me a card on Mother’s Day and called me her ‘Boy-Mommy’.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

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  1. Aishwarya Gawde says

    Hats off to single parent

  2. LadyNoir Country says

    I thought it said hot single parents confessions 😂

  3. Yubi K. says


  4. Μαγδα Ντ says

    My brother is a single dad . Truth is we are all of raising her but on the other hand its lije an expected gift. At first you think oh i dont want this., then u are like i dont need this and u end up with what i was doing before this baby came into my life. I am her aunt and because i am young ppl think i am her mom or her big sister. She sees me as a big sis and i love it. She keeps me up at nights and i have no time for personal life but its all worth it for my lil princess.

  5. Izzy Star says

    That last one lol
    “Being a single dad isn’t nothing to folding fitted sheets”

  6. Scotti Brown says

    I like how the first few confessions were those of single dads

  7. hamid mohammadi says

    GOD. This is madness. You are just spreading misery 😐

  8. spoon witch, bitch says


  9. Christianna Stillwell says

    I'm a 21 year old single mom to a 2 month old. It's hard because me and her father were in a relationship but people still look at me as less than

  10. Molly Prescott says

    I tricked you didn’t I

    Read more

  11. Robert413 Hernandez says

    I'm the worst single father

  12. Meg Slemp says

    That last one. Just yes

  13. addie oz says

    These are actually really sweet and funny

  14. Mutya Mo says

    Its hard when your 12yr old son dont want you to have a bf…

  15. Elizabeth Alvary says

    Does it still considered single dad/mom of the parents are just divorced?

  16. Ryanne Santos says

    My mom is single and my half sisters mom is single I think

  17. svartvist says

    By the time a child reaches puberty they should not be viewing their parent as their "best friend." The parent is the adult and authority figure who sets the limits and boundaries, not a peer.

  18. Tis _meh says

    That single gay fathers confession made me sad

  19. Cherry_trees _ says

    They run bc they don't want kids??? If i dated a guy who had kids for like 6 months and somehow just managed to find out he had them i'd run lmao. Im not taking care of kids who aren't mine. I dont even want my own

  20. am cheeto says

    if the gay guys daughter is 2 years old he has plenty of time to teach her that being homosexual is okay

  21. Dee Boath says

    All the rest of the whisper confessions are so dirty… I was surprised

  22. Amanda P. says

    Wow thanks mom

  23. Bryson Yoder says

    To the gay father who is worried his daughter won't accept him. If you rise her to be kind and treat her with respect. She will accept you. Remember buddy. The first boy every girl falls in love with, is her father

  24. Emmy says

    Haha these sound like something my dad would confess

  25. Fay Zio says

    "My daughter made me a card on mother's day and called me her boy-mommy"
    Sweetest thing I have ever heard

  26. 工作農村 says

    1:03 dude thats so deep

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