Honey-Glazed German Apple Cake • Tasty

Honey-Glazed German Apple Cake • Tasty
This delicious butter cake is a slightly sweeter and more festive spin on a German tea-time classic. Pair with ice cream or fresh unsweetened whipped cream!

Source Tasty
  1. Azenaide Alves says

    Meu canal de Receitas https://youtu.be/h-IBqYA34mw


    You can really tell when someone's life is dull when they are so hung up on whether or not food is prepared the way they want it.

  3. Chloé's World says

    Are you kidding???? This is not an Apple cake from Germany. And I live in Germany😒

  4. 0Amelia0 says

    I hate that other germans think just because it's a German topic they can just write the comment in German as if every body understands German just because of the topic. Even worse when they answer someone who is writing in englisch but obviously german. Get some manners!

  5. M C says

    Viel zu viel Zucker 👀
    Typisch amerikanisch wohl…

  6. H3LLB0Y2403 says

    How do you substitute the eggs when you wanna make a vegan Version of that?

  7. SAmaryllis says

    Confused by why the apples are cut that way but I'm sure it's probably traditional!

  8. Alyssa Alcantara says

    This kinda looks like apple pie

  9. 매일맛나 delicious day says

    woooooow~~💕💕 I love apple cake. good recipe. 😁🥰

  10. ChuChu says

    …but why though?

  11. Cake Junkie says

    "Enjoy cooking!" No. I'll enjoy your videos. And i'll cook something

  12. Recipes AM says

    The best channel for me is tasty ❤❤

  13. Sarah K. says

    Looks very much like a french pie called "tarte pomme Amandine"

  14. That’s some thick batter

  15. Bima Andi Lahaba says

    Ich liebe dich, thats all I know thankyou for the recipe 😁

  16. Ace Hardy says


  17. Kokie AB says

    Lol 2:59 they pOot it bak

  18. Gruenherz says

    Googelt doch einfach mal Bilder von Apfelkuchen, Leute. Gleich auf der ersten Seite gibts etliche die genauso aussehen. Hier ist direkt mal das vierte Ergebnis: https://www.oetker.de/rezepte/r/apfelkuchen-sehr-fein

  19. Emily Chan says

    Podia facilmente ter cortado todas as maçãs no mesmo palito

  20. Plane Spotting says

    Sieht eher aus wie eine Apple Pie und nicht Appfelkuchen

  21. Plane Spotting says

    Das ist doch kein Apfelkuchen 😂

  22. Davontae Wells says

    Glazed German 🍎 🎂

  23. me me says

    Apple cheesecake

  24. Elsjepelsje says

    im sorry but why does the apple need to be cut?

  25. Jeremy Lam says

    When you have the word „german“ in the title you should be prepared to have awaken the ancient bloodline of the german folks of invading the comment section

  26. Minh Nguyen Le says

    was zum Teufel, so sieht doch nicht der standard deutsche Apfelkuchen aus … 🤦‍♂️

  27. LeeZet says

    I'm from Germany, but have never eaten that kind of apple cake before… but, to be honest… looks pretty tasty, so I might try it. 🙂

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