Hooded Eye To Double Eyelıd! Glue Vs Tape

Hooded Eye To Double Eyelıd! Glue Vs Tape

Hi guys,Today I’m going to show you guys how I apply Glue/Tape on my eyelids and I did show them before but it’s not in-depth so I hope this will help x …

Hooded Eye To Double Eyelıd! Glue Vs Tape
Source sichenmakeupholic
  1. A little tenderness says

    The tool glue to my eyelid too

  2. moon bunny says

    How long does the glue last?

  3. Nenya Allure says

    Hello, can you please share, what programs do you use for editing your videos? Thank you 🙏🏼

  4. Cynthia Krusen says

    Where do you see where your crease was when u apply the glue?

  5. Rizkanabila Izzati says

    tape glue is suck trust me

  6. Valeria발레 리아 says

    I got a diaper ad…when I clicked on the video…..

  7. ellie chen says

    I have decently long lashes but because of my eyelid, people would make fun of me saying that I don’t have eyelashes. My eyelid would push against my lashes making them disappear.

  8. 。B N H Aワンパンマン says

    i have eyelid tape but it reflects SO DAMN much

  9. dew drops says

    Can anyone tell me which one is better, eyetape or eyelid glue? I'm so confused

  10. Sweet.Sub.Love. Drops says

    You lookalike bit of Solar from Mamamoo.

  11. Ss A says

    I have monolids and i really want double eyelids. How can i achieve this??? i have tried every eyelid tape and glue but it doesnt seem to work with my fat eyelids 😭😭😫😫

  12. Westly LaFleur says

    Girls of the internet, please for fuck's sake do not do this to your eyes.

  13. milk & honey xXx says

    Sorry but this is way over the top, first coloured contact lenses and now eyelids? This is a total coverup of who you are.

  14. Yi Xing says

    i got dizzy from her swinging movements

  15. Shut up BTS is here says

    I have super hooded eyelids too that why i cant make a winged eyeliner perfectly T.T this is helpful thankyouuuu but your eyes with glue is my natural eyes. T.T

  16. I have fat hooded eyelid

  17. Becky Zhu says

    Question: do I apply eye primer first before eye tape? Or eye tape first then eye primer? Cz I have oily lids, so I MUST use eye primer in order for my eye makeup to stay 😭

  18. Nazlı Kırış says

    Gözümü nasıl çıkarırım adlı çalışma

  19. Abri Paw says

    I have mono eyelid on one side and hooded eyelid on the other I’m so ugly😭

  20. Minari is my Wifey says

    Her skin wow

  21. Ngurang Opi says

    omg I really need this eye talk glue 💛
    my Principal always scolding me for my eyetape 😒even my warden,teachers andall…💩 I'm so pissed off about this situation i really need this glue💓

  22. koo cooed says

    i have uneven eyelids lmao
    monolid on the right and double eyelid on the left

  23. Eyez On Me says

    You're sexy asf

  24. I'm Funny says

    Am I the only one that has double eyelids? Can someone explain why they're so liked..

  25. Siti Nurezati says

    Thank god i have double eyelid 😙😙

  26. Mirii pandah says

    can I use eyelash glue?

  27. Jon Won says

    I have hooded eyelids and I got myself double eyelid glue today whoohoo

  28. Thangjam Nirmala says

    What is the name of this Glue

  29. KNilla R says

    4:30 omg, that happen to me too! I can also achieve it with like 5 layers of mascara, curling them twice, and if i draw my eyeliner a certain thickness🤔 but then my eyelashes fall out from the stress of curling and layers of mascara

  30. Linksutin says

    Idk why but it's really difficult with glue. I don't have tape. Tomorrow i'm going to a cosplay convention, and i can't buy tape now but i just keep messing up with the glue. And i need double eyelids for my cosplay… Life is hard

  31. Holographic Unicorn says

    Like semi hooded is such a beautiful eye shape I want it too i am half asian and have double eyelids but not in a beautiful way so i actually want semi hooded eyelid where the corner of the eye is tucked in

  32. Zara Crespo says

    But I love your natural eyes and eyelids!! I think chinkie eyes are so precious. I have huge eyelids and big eyes and my biggest issue is that if i just wanna wear a little bit of eye shadow it looks stupid. Because the rest of my eyelid looks i didn't even try

  33. G i a n n n a t h e R a t says

    I never noticed this but I have double eyelids no surgery needed and IM NOT EVEN ASIAN IM WHITE AND LATINA

  34. りんぽんぽこ says


  35. Hey Hey says

    Your natural eyes very beautiful
    P.s sory for my mistakes, i am different national💕

  36. Trianisa Arafah says

    i have double eyelids and i want to have hooded eyelids like yours, i think those are cool than doubled one ! any make-up for making hooded eyelid ? xd

  37. K says

    When I'm wearing it , it's Monolid to hooded

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