How Can You Tell If You're Dating Or Just Hooking Up?

How Can You Tell If You're Dating Or Just Hooking Up?
“When you can sing Taylor Swift in front of them…” Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeed Yellow! MUSIC: Stringing Along …

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  1. Gods of Prime says

    Me and a girl I don’t know what we’re

  2. KRYMauL says

    I do all these things anyway

  3. Yeyeye says

    If you’ve gone on a date then you’re dating

  4. EasyLee says

    Confusing? Bruh, it's god damned frustrating.

  5. Molly Cinnamon Strudel says

    It's the same rules as the rules for gremlins.

  6. Sophia x says

    hahaha thanks 😶😉

  7. Mohammed Abdullah says

    I got into no conclusion after watching this

  8. Shasha Arvy says

    what's hooking up?

  9. CW Productions says

    One of the most confusing topics.

  10. Andrew Smith says

    The video says 'hanging out' in its title, but the title below it is 'hooking up'. Those are two very different things.

  11. crey ji says


  12. Brianna Hammond says

    This is funny because most of these are things that I have with my best friend. Who's a guy. But he has a girlfriend. Who's not me. So.

  13. Lola150051 says

    I love gabby

  14. lydia win says

    you know you're dating someone when you can't not watch a youtube video of them before going to sleep every night😊

  15. Chloe H says

    the dude with the black curly hair is creepy af

  16. witchintraining says

    why are they all so attractive, what is this

  17. meikusje says

    It seems to me that you know you're dating if you discuss this and set the boundaries for your relationship. Or am I just incredibly old fashioned?

  18. natthawut boonsan says

    I now realize im not dating with him ….

  19. KittySnicker says

    I don't get why this has never been difficult for me. It was pretty clear with my current boyfriend that we were DATING! The next step was him asking bluntly if we were official. I said yes. End of story. I guess I'm just lucky. I don't have time for guesswork.

  20. Nunya Bidnis says

    I know if I`m dating someone if there is verbal confirmation that we are dating

  21. Bella says

    Can everyone post how long you normally wait, on average, before "going all the way" when dating someone?

    Some people have told me by the second or third date, and others have said months.

  22. Danii Marsh says

    for once this buzzfeed video helped me rather than confusing me 🙂

  23. Erin Kim says

    I got rejected? Does that count?

  24. Bluish Olive says

    omg I love alex

  25. Rachel Petkau says

    Just want to throw this out there, but thanks Buzzed for putting up so many REAL videos! Literally teaching me how to adult 🙏

  26. Gra Piken says

    What is the point of going on a date… Or sleeping with someone if you're not sure how you feel about them?

  27. ellise 28 says

    Visit my channel and check out the newest and greatest cam site and adult site! 🙂

  28. Ash Calhoun says

    Is it just me, or do they all look slightly cross eyed in this video??

  29. Lala says

    Buzzfeed, please make a video about Dating vs. Relationship, or Seeing Someone vs. Exclusively Seeing Someone. So many people are dating/sleeping with multiple people, and I don't understand what's up with that. It's so confusing.

  30. Nicole Hilaski says

    That awkward moment when you see one of your ex teachers on buzzfeed. Hi Alex!

  31. The Wonder Chibis says

    We're in the world of technology and we have such a difficult time with communication. Fancy that.

  32. D Cooper says

    wait, buttt…. are we dating or no? <3

  33. sirlan says

    is it really that a guy only drives for over an hour or two hours if he likes the girl..? (when they are not officially dating and haven't kissed each other yet and haven't slept together yet) I mean he could just want to be nice and be a good friend but nothing more, right? men are so confusing..

  34. genaaaah says

    Keith is wearing a backstreet boys shirt omg yes!

  35. Emily Goudreau says

    "dating is very hard and i'm not good at it." story of my life!

  36. Ashley Elizabeth says


  37. Brittany Marie says

    Surprised no one mentioned when you can post pics on ig with each other lol

  38. Ramiro Galletti says

    can i ask something to "purple hair"?
    is about HOW do "non-straight" do to recognice "non-straight" people?
    i mean if you se a pretty person that ends up being "of the other team" must be harsh
    and less than 5% of the people in general are "non-straight"
    (sorry for the bad english)

  39. spinemelter2000 says

    Can they make it through just one video without talking about farting? I sure hope not, because I like farting!

  40. mgoode says

    Alex <3

  41. MaxiPepsi says

    Wow, well … I'm glad I live in Germany, where dating doesn't exist and You are simply either friends or a couple.

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