How Google Now is Taking Over!

How Google Now is Taking Over!
Google Now and Android 4.4 Kitkat are a becoming a serious duo! A thought worth sharing. Top 5 Android 4.4 KitKat Features: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Dilan Kochhar says

    2019 anyone?!

  2. VicGalaxy 135 says

    Google made a phone data plan 🙁

  3. Kardi says

    Who watching in 2019?

  4. Editsify says

    2018??!?? Anyone…

  5. Hlbro3 says

    I was re-watching all of your vids, then, 'Ok Google', 'Sorry, I cannot help with this.'. xD GOOGLE HOME LYFE!

  6. RKGSD says

    My how things change. Google Now on OIS is a game changer of sorts seems to me.

  7. MS Emon says


  8. Christopher J Lee says

    Who's watching in 2018🤔

    Lol we got Google assistant now

  9. Richard Miskolczi says

    A 30 seconds ad which cannot be skipped should be a crime… Nice video btw

  10. Tushar Tank says


  11. Denzel Dickenson says

    Reminds me of the birth of Google Assistant

  12. exto cy says

    3 years later and still I don't have Google now in my country. (Cyprus)

  13. notjakejames says

    I saw Marques holding the Galaxy Round and realized how 2013 this video is.

  14. Akshat Shah says

    Thanks for activating "OK Google" like a million times!

  15. Noah's Music Showcase says

    Made my google now go off twice and I thought it was over but then you hit me with the extra one at the end and my google now went off again 😂

  16. Dharani Dharan says

    Everything that MKBHD said in this video is true now,except one thing, Andoid 4.4 wasn't the OS for wearables,glasses,etc. but Android 5.0 was.

  17. Rajesh Kumar says

    today,it can turn off WiFi

  18. Stale NFS says

    btw turn on wifi command now works 🙂

  19. Simon Šelih says

    how can you use google now for boarding pass?

  20. D says

    It does that hardware thing now

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