How Hard Is Climbing Everest?

How Hard Is Climbing Everest?
It is both easier and more dangerous than you think. Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post …

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  1. Sanzil says

    India's kanchanjunga?
    Are you joking?

  2. vamshi reddi says


  3. Hadi Twakully says

    I want it but in sommer and good weather. I was in Austria border of geemany. Alps mountain with normal shoes and small shorts. On the top of the Mountain.
    It was very hard too much hard. I think just 100 people was there but with Permit.

  4. Theresa Williams says

    Sherpas still climb the mountain so saying they stopped in 2014 is a myth! The money is to good for them to stop. They need to support their families and unfortunately climbing Everest is enough money for a year!

  5. t.h.e aman says


  6. Terry Bardy says

    Hillary and Tenzing had the right attitude.  Hillary could have been a jerk and hogged all the glory, but he truly was a good man and shared it with Tenzing because Tenzing deserved it!  Bravo!!!!

  7. The Tall One says

    Irather play celeste

  8. M.J. Leger says

    There are several other mountains that are far more technically and strategically difficult, but since Mt. Everest has the title of being the tallest in the world, it is a draw. Anything that has a superlative attached (—est) makes idiots our of people sometimes. The high altitude and the cold temps are what makes it dangerous. The chance of fluid on the brain or longs is a real risk (HACE and HAPE) and frost-bite danger is always present if you are delayed up in the highest part, particularly the Death Zone (above 26,000').
    Far too many people attempt the Mountain who are inexperienced, unaclimated to altitude and it can cost them their lives. In the far lower oxygen levels, their brain becomes addled and they cannot think straight, even on supplemental oxygen.

  9. New technologies says

    Mt kanchenjunga is of nepal 😑😑🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  10. Angel Guzman says

    Today I climbed New Jersey’s tallest mountain, I thought one day I would climb my Everest. Saw this video and said “nah” lol

  11. Vishnu Prasad says

    Yes I like to climb everest

  12. Tomer N says

    May the ones who died during the climb rest in peace and be remembered

  13. Dati Molash says

    I will climb there

  14. Rahul Poudel says

    Kanchanjhunga lies in nepal. It is not in india! I suggest you to do proper research before developing content,!

  15. TheChosenOne says

    I climbed everest naked with nothing but a parachute to prove it was possible. I made it to the top and parachuted down.

  16. krishna tamang says

    Who said kangchenjunga is in India it is located in Nepal

  17. Michael Andrews says

    I would love to climb it unfortunately I don't have $65,000 to blow on vacation

  18. Dusty Jarvis says

    I climb the moon bitches

  19. Frank Flores says

    Why waste 60k or more to climb a mountain where you could die?
    You are tossing money for no reason.
    Paying 65k and you could die…
    Losing money and risking your life.

  20. kickass girl says

    Absolutely %100 for me "NO"

  21. Kaza says

    I wouldn't and i cant because i have asthma

  22. WhyNingh 707 says

    I will climb MT.Everest

  23. Su Amigo El Ilegal says

    Piece of cake

  24. Mr. 0lvera says

    I would climb it. Ready to die man.

  25. Cassandra Trevino says

    Yes and I plan of climbing everest hopefully

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