How I Make Chocolate-Filled Banana Muffins • Tasty

How I Make Chocolate-Filled Banana Muffins • Tasty
Kiano shows us how she makes one of her best desserts: chocolate-filled banana muffins! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: …

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  1. Elizabeth Cunicelli says

    Lovely lady…😊😁

  2. Salim Mulla says

    Mam could u please tell me wat is whole milk?thanks.

  3. Darien Andrew says

    She's really beautiful

  4. Hadice Atci says

    this is actually the best banana chocolate chip muffin recipe that I have EVER tried, I absolutely love it!!! It is so soft and delicious, thank you tasty!

  5. Darien Andrew says

    Looks bomb afffff

  6. Muyeon Mijin says

    Its sooo good…my kids loves it!! The muffins doesnt last 2 days..😃😃

  7. Rayan Khan says

    i made it but didn’t turn out well may be because my baking try was flat not like yours so my cookie was flat too🙁🙁🙁 i feel useless💔 i followed your step ..did you just lit the burner from down or up too???

  8. World G K says
    Banana muffin || make in home

  9. magendark Elenimuffin says

    😂😂😂😂im dying 😆


    Love this recipe !

  11. A GIRL A says

    She looks like michelle obama I thought the it was michelle obama on the tumnail

  12. Lokita Besos says

    Actually they sell this at portos its called ojo de tigre

  13. Omolara Kayode says

    over ripe banana = spinach/banana smoothie no need for milk, pancakes etc

  14. valuka23 says

    I have made those several times and i totally love them!!!

  15. HappyBird says

    I made them and they are awesome! Going to make it for my birthday

  16. Luke Cage says

    Looks so delicious and tasty…. the muffins look great as well.

  17. Film Form Autopsy 101 says

    Kiano 💕

  18. briannant says

    Learned something new -B

  19. Morgen Dufseth says

    God I want my mom to make that now lmao (BUT IM IN ART CLASS IN SCHOOL)
    and yet I like the idea of bananas and chocolate 😍

  20. Chestnutty says

    If there is a banana that is going brown, we put it in the freezer, and when we want to bake with them we just defrost them.

  21. Mrs J says

    Pumpkin? Save the Banana 😀

  22. Archibald Tuttle says

    "Here at Tasty, we try making things as widely accessible as possible"
    Still won't use the metric system

  23. Marlene Bennett says

    Mr. Muffin, since no one wants to eat you, I'll eat you! (from asdfmovie)

  24. Geetha Kasibhatla says

    lol I hate bananas

  25. foodie doodie says

    At first I thought she was Michelle Obama

  26. Charge Charge says

    Why do she and Michelle Obama look so alike?

  27. bleumarin1968 says

    your French pronunciation is really good ! Bravo!

  28. sharvin rau says

    Cn we use the ripe banana n smash witout bake??????

  29. sharvin rau says

    2 bananas equal to how many grams??????

  30. qilah mira says

    in malaysia..we used ripe banana with some wheat flour & brown sugar….mix well and deep fried it…we call it "Cucur Pisang"

  31. Commander Bat says

    I’m on a diet, why am I here? 😭

  32. arice prince-mason says

    I freaking love 💘Kiano she's amazing!

  33. P. Luis Castellano says

    Love it.

  34. Tk Covington says

    I don't like bananas unless they are frozen or baked in bread/muffins.

  35. salmandron says

    FYI: It’s not a hack it’s a trick. Done enable bad cultural habits.

  36. cool bean says

    girl the amount of sugar she added, bananas are already sweet, and get sweeter after you fuckin bake them

  37. Rubinger says

    ow the music in this one is so loud, chill

  38. IBRAA says

    It’s muffin time 🌀

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